Blogger NewsTimes–AdSense optimized Premium Blogger Template

Today I am going to release another new premium Blogger Template “Blogger NewsTimes”.This template is very useful for Magazine type Technology sites and as well as News Blogs.You can use this template for free.You can pretty much easily install this Template using the following Instructions.

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How to Install this Premium Blogger Template:

  1. First Download the Blogger Template and open this with Notepad++ (download here).
  2. Logo:Just find this “https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-V47loc6lBXI/Tk6bAS4mq6I/AAAAAAAADjk/O8e1tPsCKNg/bloggernewstimes.png” and replace with your Logo URL.
  3. Then category navigation,you can add your navigation links there.
  4. Then add your user names from social and Feedburner links in the Top Navigation.
  5. Then upload the Template to Blogger
  6. Next Go to “page elements”, then there you can add your  desired category Labels.There are 6 categories in homepage and 1 Featured Auto slider and also 4 footer categories and 2 left side categories.(These all categories have same type instructions to show your desired Label sections.Just follow below instructions).</br>The below image shows how to edit the feature slider and add the “Feature” label there.For example If you want to show the “Business” label section in Content Left section, then you have to Click the Edit link then below Window will open, then you have to fill ‘Title as “Business news” and content as “Business”(name of the Label)’.Follow the Same instructions for the all category widgets.

That’s all. It is pretty much easy to edit this template and use this template to your blog.
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Raja CRN: @spicytricksRaja CRN is the Founder of CRN Interactive that offers various useful Digital Resources. He has more than 7 years of experience in content Writing and Web development specialized in WordPress. For the past 4 years, He is working on the Linux Administration. In Free Time, He dives into Android Development. He is an engineering graduate in Information Technology. He's also very social, find him at Google+

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  • Hi Raja... I used this template to create over thirty websites... can you please tell us how to fix the slider and recent posts or do we need to use a new template??? Thank you for your hard work!

  • neither feature content slider nor tubber are working at my blog but and your demo "blogger news time" dear Raja. Can you fix it? It's problem about java?

  • Raja does not work on slajder NewsTimes-optimized AdSense Premium Blogger Template explain to people how to rectify this problem.

  • hi Raja

    Very Nice template but i got small prob can you pls

    my feature slider is not working i tried so many times can anyone pls help me

    The code which is in my blog is below.

    Can anybody tell what i want to change from the below code pls .. its urjent

    waht is /-/ in below content i want to change this or anything else

    document.write("<script src="/feeds/posts/default/-/?max-results="+numposts1+"&orderby=published&alt=json-in-script&callback=showrecentposts1"></script>");

    document.write("<script src="/feeds/posts/default/-/?max-results="+numposts1+"&orderby=published&alt=json-in-script&callback=showrecentposts2"></script>");