Play YouTube Videos Directly Without Leaving Site using YouTube Anywhere Player

There are two ways web sites shows videos in their web pages.First one is, videos are embedded directly into that Web page which can be watched directly without leaving the website. Another one method is placing the video links in the page. In the second method user have to leave the current website or have to open the new tab to see that video.

play any youtube videos directly Youtube player

Now you can watch the videos directly in the same site without leaving the current page using ‘YouTube Anywhere Player’. Actually this YouTube Anywhere player supports YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Veoh Videos.

This Add-On is inspired by GMail’s embed YouTube player, where clicking YouTube links on e-mails will open the video on the same webpage and covering nearly all window size, ala cinema mode.

By using this player You can load the YouTube or any Videos faster Because you are not loading the whole  full web page for one video, the YouTube player loads only the linked video itself.

After the installation of this Firefox add-on, All videos linked in the website will play in the same page like above screenshot. The Firefox browser will not take you to the videos page nor it will not open the new tab for playing videos. You will all video player controls like play, pause and Volume adjustments like embed videos.

YouTube Anywhere Player also provides some Awesome Features:

  • Use HTML5 video instead of Flash
  • Show or disable annotations
  • Show related videos
  • Enabled on site (on the actual video hosting site, so that you can for instance watch videos on YouTube in the same way without leaving a category or search results listing)
  • Context Search
  • Catch or skip nested links
  • Add icons to identify video links
  • Apply CSS styles to video links

Demo YouTube Video Link to test this Add-on

Click the following Academy Awards 2013 Oscar Winners – HD Movie Link and Watch whole Oscar Winners


Click this Academy Awards 2013 Oscar Winners – HD Movie YouTube Video link


YouTube Anywhere Player


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