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VLC 3.0 Released, How to Install on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 & Mint, Fedora, Other Distros

Hoo Huh! The Much awaited VLC 3.0 Version Vetinari released for all available platforms such as Linux, MacOS, Windows (ARM, x86, x64),, Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, and Chrome OS. In this article, we’ll how to install the VLC 3.0 on Ubuntu and Other Popular Linux Distros. What is New in VLC 3.0? First, lets see […]

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VLC Media Player 2.0.6 Final Version Released, Download Now to Fix Security Vulnerabilites

VLC Media player is the one of  my favorite player and is the only player currently installed in my system other than default Windows Media Player. The main reason for that mostly I have used the free online music streaming services to listen my favorite songs and Of course, YouTube will satisfy my Video needs. […]