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How to Secure Your Computer By Blocking Dangerous IP Addresses Automatically

Securing your computer or any digital device is an essential thing today. You have to protect your personal and professional information from hackers and other malicious users. In many ways you can protect your system such as using Antivirus products, Anti-Malware products and other security tools. However, If you are using internet to browse sites and […]

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How To Check If Your Android Phone is Vulnerable to Malwares

Recently, a security vulnerability was discovered in Android by the BlueBox security firm. The report also confirmed that, this could have affected the over 900 million devices. This security exploit has been in android over several years now, that is from Android 1.6 Donut. Google also confirmed this security hole and issues the security update to […]


Locked Out of Facebook? Use New “Trusted Contact” Feature to Recover FB Account

Facebook has rolled out the ‘Trusted Contact’ for all Facebook users which is the Facebook Account Recovery Feature. Incase if you lost your access to your Facebook Account, this new feature will help you to log in to your account with help of  your Trusted friends who have spare keys. Trusted Contact feature has been […]