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50+ Best Free Mac Software Programs Ever! (Most Popular Apps)

Files and Folders

Best File and Folder Management Mac Software


It is one of the best Mac Utility I’ve ever used. Hazel monitors the folders you have assigned before, automatically organizing your files in the folder according to rules you have created. you can also use default rules of Hazel to Organize, clean and maintain the folders in the OS X. For example: This app moves the image to image folder and movies in movies from your download folder.

Download Hazel

App Cleaner

App cleaner for Mac is the simple application that uninstalls apps and the setup files. Like Other Programs, it doesn’t leave orphan files and folder when the app is uninstalled from your system. To use App Cleaner for Mac, you simply drag an app icon over the App Cleaner for Mac icon, and it will then search the filesystem for files created by the app and remove them. And offers a lot of other features too.

Download App uninstalller

Disk Inventory X for Mac

Want to know How much of Hard Drive filled with photos or Videos? Disk Inventory is the simple Answer for you. It gives you the summary of disk usage visually and text. The Program interface is simple and you can install easily. Get the disk usage details quickly with this app.

Download  Disk Inventory X for Mac

Renamerox for Mac

It is the simple yet powerful app that helps you to bulk renaming of files and folders on your Mac OS X system.

 Download Renamerox

Best Free Blogging Software for Mac


ScribeFire is not stand-alone software. It is browser extension or add-on for Chrome,Firefox,safari and opera. Install and access the full WYSIWYG blog editor in a browser tab for just about any blogging platform.


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