How to Hide My Public IP Address? And Why? Anonymous Connection

How to Hide My Public IP Address? And Why? Anonymous Connection

Every Computer and Internet powered Gadgets assigned Unique IP address to Connect to the Internet by ISP. When you visit to website, your IP address will be logged in those servers. Whenever you use the internet to access websites, your Internet activities recorded and logged using the Public IP Address. For example, If you have sent any obscene emails, and any other illegal online activities, cyber crime police will be on your doorstep to put you in the Jail. All because of the IP address.

However, you can hide your Public IP Address, eventually it will be more difficult to trace your Internet activities.

What is IP Address (Internet Protocol)?

I don’t want to go to much detail about the IP Address technically. Simply, the IP address is like your Postal address or like a telephone number. The Internet Protocol is a set of rules for sending information between computers on the Internet. Each computer that uses the Internet Protocol has at least one IP address that identifies it to all other devices on the planet.

There are two types of IP Address : Static and Dynamic IP Address.

If IP Change every time you connect to internet, it is called “Dynamic”. If your computer has the same IP for all time, It is “Static”

Every time, your connect to Internet, your Internet Service Provider will assign a Unique IP Address for your device. Most of the ISP’s provide dynamic IP address to all their users, But if you want static IP address, you can ask your ISP for that.

How to find My IP Address

In General to find your IP Address, go to Network settings and find out the details there. If you are connected to the Internet via your LAN connection, then you can only get your Private IP Address there like  To get the Public IP Address, you need online IP Address finder.

Find Your Public IP Address using our What is My IP Address Tool.

How to Hide Your Public IP Address

Using Anonymous Proxy Server

Proxy Server allows anyone to surf the Web privately and securely. Actually It works as an intermediary between your home network and Public Internet. That is, Proxy server will make a request in the Internet using its IP address behalf of you. Check the diagram below to know the concept easily,


A lot of Free Proxy servers available to hide your IP Address and your Internet Activities. You can search for it in Google.  Most of the free services have bandwidth traffic limits and speed problems. Check our Post to How To Improve Internet speed and Secure your privacy.

Using Proxy Server Tools

Many free and paid Proxy server tools can Hide Your IP Address easily without complicated settings. SafeIP is such a tool, it will hide Public IP address by routing your routing your Internet connection through one of several international proxy servers. The program offers proxy servers based in the US, UK, Germany, Poland and France.

For example, If you are connected to the Internet from India and using the US Proxy server means, the world can only see your US IP Address. Tracing your Internet activity and location is somewhat difficult now.

Why Should I have to Hide My IP Address?

The people hiding their IP Address, because to protect their Information , hide their Online Activities and to access Geo Restricted Websites.

Mostly Online users hiding their IP address to Surf the Geo Restricted websites. For example, Most Popular Online Music Streaming services are restricted their users based on the countries except US or UK. If you want  access those service, You have to Use US Proxy server.

Apart from this, employees are using proxy servers to access restricted websites in their workstation.

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