Pokemon Go++ 1.13.4 / 0.43.4 GPS Location Hack for Android & iOS Released | How to Install

Pokemon Go++ 1.13.4 / 0.43.4 GPS Location Hack for Android & iOS Released | How to Install

Finally the iOS and Android GPS Location hack for the Pokemon GO Latest Version Released. Therefore, Pokemon Game Lovers can get the all the latest features of Pokemon Go 1.13.4 for iOS and 0.43.4 Android version of the game with this GPS hack. Like Our Previous Pokemon posts, We’ll share all the details about this latest Pokemon hack with installation instructions. By using this hack, You can experience the new level of gaming experience.

The Latest Pokemon Go GPS Hack  will allow  you to install the Official version of the Modified Pokemon GO game. This modded Pokemon go enables you to navigate the in-game map to any desired location without moving from your couch. Finally with all the latest features, You don’t need to move to the real physical locations or travel to long distance to catch the Pokemons. In addition, you can easily catch the all Pokemons in your area very easily. Finally, using this trick become the best Pokemon Trainer in Your area and be the boss.

With this latest Pokemon hack, Android users don’t need to Root Android Phone. Simply install the Official Modified version of the Pokemon GO from the download link below.  The Modified hack version will sit alongside the new features come with the latest version of Pokemon GO update 1.13.4  iOS / 0.43.4 Android. Therefore, You can new Battery level indicator, Pokemon type indicators that will give your new level of experience when you play the game.

How to Install the Latest GPS Location Hack Modified version of Pokemon GO

If you are interested and want to install the latest Android and iOS Hack, just follow this guide.

How to install the Modified Pokemon GO in Android


  1. Android Phone (No Root Required) (Android Kitkat (v4.4.4) or later )
  2. Download Pokemon Go Latest version from Google Play
  3. Follow Our Previous Guide to install the Pokemon GO Location Hack in Android No ROOT

That’s it. Android users can follow our previous guide to install the modded Pokemon Go without any issue.

How To Install the Latest GPS Location Hack Modified Pokemon GO in iOS

Interested Apple iPhone users, Just follow the instructions below to enjoy the latest features of Pokemon Go with Location Hack.


  1. You need Mac or Windows Computer
  2. iPhone that runs on iOS 9 or Higher
  3. iTunes with Latest version. If You don’t have download here
  4. Download the IPA file for the Pokemon GO++ hack v1.13.4 for iOS

Steps to Install Mod Pokemon GO in iPhone

  1. First of all, To avoid conflicts, delete any older Pokemon from your iPhone completely.
  2. Next, You have to download CydiaImpactor from here. This tool is required to sideload the Pokemon IPA file as an Official file in to your device.
  3. Now, Connect your iPhone via USB cable into your PC or Mac
  4. Then, Launch the Cydia Impactor we have downloaded earlier in this guide from your computer.
  5. Next, Drag and Drop the Latest Pokemon Go++ v1.13.4 IPA file into the Cydia Impactore interface.
  6. Enter your Apple account email Id and password to proceed further more.
  7. Finally, You will see Apple developer Message Warning the screen, Just Hit OK and Continue
  8. Next, Open the Settings App from Your iOS device and Go to  the Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management. Some devices the path of Device Management may vary.
  9. Now, Tap Trust APPLE ID option when Prompted to confirm Your APPLE ID which is used to sign your IPA Files. Then again Tap Trust option in Popup window.
  10. That’s It. The app will be verified using your Apple ID and will be launched automatically.
  11. Now, Turn ON the Location service in your iPhone if it is turned ON Before via Settings > Privacy
  12. Finally, YOu can play the Pokemon GO without Moving with JoyStick with No ROOT or Jailbreak

Further more, You have to be extra cautious when hacking the Pokemon GO. Because, The Pokemon Niantic Game servers can detect the hacking, if you do something wrong. Your Pokemon Account might be soft banned or banned for life. So, Try this hack with any other fake account before trying with your main account.


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