How To Search the Google without losing Your Privacy and avoid Tracking

How To Search the Google without losing Your Privacy and avoid Tracking

Government surveillance system PRISM has grabbed the headlines last week. It creates awareness and concerns over privacy data among the people who use the Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook. It is because the mentioned companies are reportedly involved in PRISM. This news leads to search of the alternative and best privacy protecting services. I’ve shared the DuckDuckGo, the private search engine has received the huge traffic after the PRISM news.

Another search engine”StartPage” also received the enormous traffic that uses the Google technology to bring the Google Search results without sharing user info.

Get Google Search Results without sharing your Info is internet search engine that provides the search results from Google without sharing your info. When you search from the StartPage search engine, it sends the query without any tracking elements to Google servers and gets the search results from Google. Simply, It searches for you in Google without sharing any info like ip address, cookies and tacking query strings.

If you are concerned about the PRISM and your Privacy Data and want the best search results from Google “StartPage” search engine best choice for you.

StartPage announced that they have received more than 3 Million searches every day after the PRISM news. These searches are very small compared to Google’s Billion queries per day. But the privacy concerns have given some users to small search engines.

StartPage Features:

  • It doesn’t record your IP addresses 
  • It doesn’t record your Search queries
  • It doesn’t track you using Cookies
  • It gets the results from Google without sharing your info
  • There is no Bubble Filter and Personalized search Results
  • It provides free proxy server connection to visit sites

Also note that, Google has claimed that they are not involved in any Government surveillance program such as “PRISM” and they are only sharing information with Government as per the law. Still, many users feared over their data is monitored by Government through these companies.

To avoid tracking, you can search the internet anonymously with Tor BrowserThe Tor Network runs through several computers of volunteers that is more than 5ooo relays at a time throughout a world. When you installed TOR client, it will conceal your Identity and network Activity. 

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