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30+ Most Useful Tips to Improve Your Windows 10 Productivity

16. Protect Your PC with SmartScreen

SmartScreen adds another layer of protection to your Windows 10. Whenever you run the executable file that has been downloaded from the internet or from disk, if it has malicious or unrecognized certificates, the SmartScreen will prevent this apps from running.  You can also override the SmartScreen, if you know that the file is Genuine.

To Control the Smart Screen in Windows 10, Open the SmartScreen settings by searching the SmartScreen in the Charms bar. Now, you will get Two Results, ‘Turn SmartScreen Filter On or Off for Windows Store apps’, ‘Change Smart Screen Settings’.  Open the Smart Screen settings for the Advanced settings panel.

17. Run Multiple Apps in Windows 10

Though, this feature have some limitations, it is a useful feature for all Windows 10 users. You can view two or more apps in a single view . For example, if you have screen display of 1366 pixels wide, possibly, you can view the two apps or an app with desktop side-by-side.

If you want to show three apps, you need at least 1,500 pixels wide. Just Open the apps and drag them side-by-side to show two or three apps in a single view. Also note that, all apps are not designed for this view. Play with your apps and find out the apps that support this feature.

18. Run Windows 10 Directly From USB or Pen Drive

Microsoft has introduced new feature ‘Windows to Go’, which will help you to create bootable Windows 10 USB Disk for enterprise edition. If you are Windows 10 Enterprise, use this fancy tool to create Windows 10 Live USB Disk. For other Windows 10 versions, you don’t have the fancy tool, however you can do it via command prompt.

To Create Windows 10 USB Disk in Windows 10

  • You need USB 3.0 Pen Drive with 32 GB Memory. USB 2.0 supported in some systems.
  • You also need Windows 10 Disc or ISO Image.
  • Next, Download  and install GImage X program for deploying the Windows files in USB Drive. You can do this in CMD, for easy to use, you can install Graphical Interface program.
  • Now, Open the GImage X program and move to ‘Apply’ tab.
  • Now mount the Windows 10 ISO file in your computer and copy the install.wim file to favorable location.
  • In the GImage X program, Select the install.wim file as source and your USB drive as destination.
  • Then, Click the Apply button.
  • Now Open the CMD  Admin (Press Win+X and Command Prompt), and go to the Directory  Windows System32 
  • From this location, run the following command
    bcdboot.exe X:Windows /s X: /f ALL
  • Note X: is the USB Drive Directory. So, change it to exact location when you run the above command

Now, your Portable Windows 10 Operating System is ready. You can install Windows 10 in SD memory Card, HDD by using the above method.

19. Improve the Performance of Windows 10 Using ReadyBoost

Windows 10 is pretty heavy compare to its predecessor. You need to have bigger memory to play smoothly with your Operating System. If you are low on memory, it will be painful to work in your PC. Like the previous Windows versions, Windows 10  have ReadyBoost to improve the Speed of the Windows 10.1 and 8. Utilize this feature and get a Faster Windows 10 system.

To use ReadyBoost, You need USB Flash Drive. Insert USB Drive and go to Computer, Right Click on the Removable Disk Drive and open the Properties. There move to the ReadyBoost tab and use your removable Device for ReadyBoost feature. There you can also select the memory to use the ReadyBoost function. If it is faster USB Drive, you will get more speed.

20. Configure the Mail App

You can send emails from Windows 10 using Mail App. You can configure Gmail, Outlook and other email Accounts and get the notifications real-time. You can keep an eye on the live tiles in start screen for the new mails. When you find the interesting content in mail app, you can directly to share  with social networks using the Share charm.

To Configure the One or Multiple Mail accounts, Open the Mail app from the Start Screen. Now Access the charms bar, Click Settings > Account. Now, Click Add account and Select the Email Provide from list. If your mailing provider is not in the list, select the ‘IMAP or EAS’.

21. How to Create Your Own Windows 10 Theme

In Windows 10, You will have some default themes. If you want to create your own theme, add your own photos from the disk and make it within few minutes. You can create as many themes you want to decorate your desktop. Other than this you can download many Windows 10 themes from online. If you don’t have the time, Choose the best Windows 10 Themes, We have shared here > Top 30 Best Windows 10 Themes, Visual Styles and Skins.

22. Customize the SendTo Menu

SendTo menu is spectacular Feature not by Default,  but When you customizing it. Yes, Managing files and folders in the Windows 10 shouldn’t be the complex one. To make it more easy, you have to customize the SendTo menu. For example, Many users saving the files in Desktop for easy to use. Within few days, chunk of files will eat all your Desktop space, and it also doesn’t look beautiful. Now, You have to move files from Desktop to some other folders. to do that You have to copy and paste the files in respective folders. By the way, You can do this by adding your favorite folders in SendTo menu. That makes you possible that You can directly send any files to your Favorite folder with one SendTo Click.

To Customize the SendTo Menu in Windows 10 ,

  • Open the File Explorer and in Address bar type
  • Then, Open the any Folder that Wish to add in the SendTo menu. Go back One Step to parent folder, and create the Shortcut for you favorite folder. The Shortcut will be created.
  • Copy that shortcut and place it in the SendTo menu folder that we have opened in the First step.

23. BitLocker Encryption

If you are business person or you have some important data on your computer, encrypting them is the good thing to do. Windows 10 have the Microsoft’s proprietary encryption application which is built into Windows itself. If you want to encrypt your Windows Drive, Your PC has TPM Module Installed. Don’t worry ,If your system doesn’t have that, you will get slightly less secure mode compare to previous one.

Turning On the BitLocker is pretty easy, Search the BitLocker in Charms Bar. Click ‘Manage BitLocker’ to open ‘BitLocker Drive Encryption’ Window. Now, Click the ‘Turn On BitLocker’ next to your local Disks. Next, You have to choose the Authentication method. That is, You can use Smart Card or Password, if your PC doesn’t have TPM Module, you have to go password method. Now Choose Your Strong password. Then, you will get a prompt to store backup Recovery Key. You have four choices, 1. Microsoft Account, 2. Another USB Flash Drive, 3. As a File, 4. Print it manually.

24. Action Center

Use the Action Center to check everything okay with your PC. If your PC have any issues, you can fix them in Action Center. Actions Center will check whether Firewall is on or off and will notify the important Windows Updates and some other things. If you have issues in your PC, Action Center flag will be shown with red mark. When you visit the Action center, the problems will be displayed the Red mark. You can fix those issues right there by clicking Turn On button, If you firewall is turned off. Like that, you can take necessary actions to run your PC Smoothly.

25. Defragment Hard Disk

You can get the maximum performance from Your PC, If you keep defragmenting the Hard Disk periodically. After long time usage, Files in your PC will be fragmented. The solution was to run the Disk Defragmenter manually. This finds the pieces of files and put them back together, so that you can access theme faster.

You can Search the ‘Disk Defrag’ in Charms bar and Start the Defragmentation. You can also set the Schedule defragmentation for automatic defragmentation.

26. Customize the Start Up Applications to Speed Up Windows 10

Many Windows Applications will load when your Windows start-up. This is in order for certain software to be ready as soon Windows loads. It will help those Windows Software programs, but it will certainly delay the Booting speed of Windows 10.1.

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27. Best 10 Tips  Speed Up the Booting of Windows 10

Here in this post I want to share some more useful tips to speed up Windows 10 Boot time and How to boost the Windows 10 Performance?

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28. How To Create Windows 10 Apps on Your Own

“Project Siena” is the Windows 10 App that will help you to create the Powerful Windows 10 apps without any Programming and coding. You don’t’ need to type the dozens of coding in many hours to create Windows 10 Apps, just install the Siena App and Develop your Windows 10 app with no time. You can share your Windows 10 app with your friends or anyone in the World.

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29. How to Install Third-Party Windows 10 Themes

As usual Windows 10 also has no support for unsigned custom third-party Windows 10 Themes. If you want to install fresh and beautiful Windows 10 themes, visual styles and Skin pack for Windows 10, then you have to patch system files   themeui.dllUXInit.dlland uxtheme.dll on Windows 10.

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