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3 Ways to Save Web Page as PDF File in iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

There is no doubt that iPad is the Great Portable Device to do your daily tasks, for fun and Browsing the Internet. Possibly you m

Bracelet Alerts by Flashing Lights When You Get SMS or Email in Android or iPhone

EMBRACE+ is a smart notification bracelet for iPhone and Android. When you get Incoming calls, messages, Emails and other social m


If you have come across the world of Jailbreaking, you should be know about the Terms “Tethered Jailbreak and Untethered Jailbreak

How To Fix Siri ‘Not Able to Connect to the Network Right now’ Error

Many iPhone 4s users may have disappointed with their device when Siri  having the trouble with network and keep saying error

Top 10 Best Popular Free Apps for iPhone

There are many iPhone Apps in Apple’s App store.Many of the good apps  are got price tags in app store.But Here we collected

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