3 Ways to Save Web Page as PDF File in iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

There is no doubt that iPad is the Great Portable Device to do your daily tasks, for fun and Browsing the Internet. Possibly you might aware that, iPad has no option to save the Webpages as PDF for later viewing or Printing. However, there are many apps are available in the App store, to save web pages as PDF.Most the apps are paid one and they are charging $4 to $6 for do this process. Here, I’ll show you how to download Webpage as PDF in your iPad and iPhone for Offline access without apps. The converted PDF files are compatible with all application and to read it from the e-book (pdf) Reading apps.

It is up to you to choose any one of the following the methods to convert the Webpages to PDF in iPad and iPhone.

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How to Save Web Page as PDF File

Using Google Chrome save web Page as PDF File

If you have Google Chrome on you iPad, then the task of saving web page as PDF is Completed. If you don’t have Google Chrome for iPad, iPhone download it from the App store. After that sign-in to the chrome browser with your Google Account. That will give access to Google Cloud Print and Google Drive  for you to save the web page as PDF file.

Open your Chrome browser and visit the webpage you want to download as PDF file in your iPad. For example, enter spicytricks.com and click the menu and choose the print option. That option will show the list of Android and iOS Devices you have connected to Google Cloud account. Choose the Save to Google Drive option.

Google Cloud Print will generate the PDF file of the current web page and will store it Google Drive. You can download your PDF files from Google Drive. Also, You can download those PDF files from Google Drive. Compare to any other methods, Google Drive method of saving web page as PDF file is convenient and you can read the PDF files from any PDF reading apps. Google Drive compresses the PDF to the small file, and you can get the exact layout of the webpage with links.

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create Bookmarklet to Download WebPage as PDF file

PDF  Converter Service one

There are many PDF File Conversion services are available in the web. By Using those services, You can enter the URL and Download the page as PDF file. Here, I’ll show you how to download the web page as PDF file without going to those services.

For that, you need bookmarklet which is small  JavaScript command stored as a Book mark in your Browser.

  •  Open any of your iPad or iPhone Browser. For example, Open safari and go to Bookmarks and enter the following Boookmarklet and save as “Create PDF File” or “Convert to PDF”  or whatever you like.


  • Next browse the web page you want to convert as PDF File in iPhone or iPad, tab the “Create PDF File”  Bookmarklet we have stored before.
  • That’s it. Safari will automatically download the web page as PDF file locally.

PDF Converter Service Two:

If the above Bookmarklet is not work for you then use the following Bookmarklet by using the same steps,



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