How To Fix Siri ‘Not Able to Connect to the Network Right now’ Error


Siri-318x150Many iPhone 4s users may have disappointed with their device when Siri  having the trouble with network and keep saying error messages like "I’m sorry, I’m having trouble connecting to the network".

Many things server may be over connected and not responding.But sitting next to you may connected  to the network.I have found some fix for this issue from the iPhone 4s users having trouble like this.This might be work for someone and not for others.Just try this it may work for you.

How To Fix Siri to connect to the Network:

Step 1:  First Go to ‘Settings’  and then General  and click Siri, and turn Siri off.

Step 2: Then Go to Settings  and then click General and Go for  Reset  option and click “ Reset Network Settings”. Then your phone will reboots

Step 3: Again Go to Settings and  General then turn beck on  Siri.

Then wait for few second you Siri will connected to network.If not connected  to network the do the process again with extra bit of time.

Then you may be able to start speaking with Siri again.

If you have any other fix for this issue,you can share with us.

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