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Cut the Rope 2 for iOS Devices Released, More Characters, Gameplay

The popular Physics-based puzzle game Cut the Rope 2 has been released in the App store on Thursday.  After 3 years later, the new version of Cut the Rope hits the App store with new characters, fresh Gameplay, tricky missions and more. In this version, the player has a task of collecting the Candy for […]

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Donna – A New But Effective Personal Assistant For iPhone and All iOS Devices

After three months of beta testing, the Personal assistant App “Donna” launched in the iOS Appstore for public downloads from today onwards. This is more than the calendar app, it provides the service like real-life person helping you in the day today life. Donna is developed by the Incredible Labs and it is developed to […]

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Google Launched new Unified Messaging Sevice “Hangouts” for Android,iOS and Chrome

Google has launched Hangouts, a new unified messaging service that replaces numerous Google messaging service such as Google Talk, Google Voice and Google+ hangouts.  Like iMessage from Apple, Google’s this new service will include all instant messaging capabilities like chat, Voice call and Video call. And the much-anticipated SMS integration will be coming to Google […]

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Google Maps for iOS 6 Released, Download Now

Much awaited Google Maps for iOS is now live and available on the Apple app store for download. For a while or completely, is this going to end the iOS maps chapter? We have to wait for the answers from Apple. Until iOS 5 ,Google Maps was bundled with all their Apple iOS devices, after […]