Donna – A New But Effective Personal Assistant For iPhone and All iOS Devices

After three months of beta testing, the Personal assistant App “Donna” launched in the iOS Appstore for public downloads from today onwards. This is more than the calendar app, it provides the service like real-life person helping you in the day today life.

Donna is developed by the Incredible Labs and it is developed to anticipate your needs and help you get the meetings at the right time without delay. It takes your appointment details from your phone’s calendar, uses your contact and tracks your location to tell you that where you should go next and when should you leave from the current location. It also does research the weather (it will tell you if it’s going to rain where you’re going later in the day), directions and what’s coming next on your calendar. Also, It’s telling you that how to get a car, bike or walking and how to communicate with others when you are going to meet someone in some other location.

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Donna is like a real person with you all the time that manages all your meetings, planning and Timing. Donna is a smart assistant that tells you how many meetings are today and tomorrow. It also tells when should you leave to reach the appointment correct time. It has so many features that make your life even happier and productive.

  • Conference call Push notifications
  • A button in the app will pop up that can email a person or group that you’re running late
  • Shows you the list of who’s coming to the meeting with their photos
  • The Newer version of Donna has Faster loading and Improved battery life
  • It shows the direction in a car and also integrates with your favorite mapping application with just one tap
  • You can get the Weather condition for the each event location

This new version of Donna has nice user interface,  female assistant logo has been removed, and Typewritten D word has been added. Donna has all the necessary features to help one user like a real life personal assistant. The app is faster and processing capabilities are up to the mark.  All the iOS user can download this app from App store and it is free to download, only weighs 9.1 MB.

Android version of Donna is expected to launch soon.

Download Donna Personal Assistant (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

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