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How to Automatically Get Subtitles on VLC for Movies, Videos and Songs

Ready to get the the subtitles for your movies Automatically in VLC 3.0 media Player. Forget about searching the Google tog best s

How to Access Linux Partitions from Windows 10, 7, 8 and XP

Linux is becoming more popular, since it has been used in all kinds of electronic devices. Popular Linux Distros are giving Window

How to Easily install and Dual-Boot Windows 10 on Apple Macs

Installing and dual-booting Windows 10 on Mac OS X mountain Lion are really easy now. Thanks to Apple’s latest update to the

Best Free Video Converter to Convert Movies for Viewing in Smartphone

Once most wanted video converters are not needed any more. It’s because of  any Video Players like VLC plays almost any vide

Protect your Eyes By Automatically Adjusting Computer Screen Brightness Based On Time of the Day

Today Most of the youngsters using their computers at night very long time rather than using in the daytime. Staring at your compu

Remote Control your Computer, Rasperry Pi using Android, iOS Phone

Remote technology hasn’t made any real advances in years. All screen-based entertainment needs a remote control, but instead

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Mobile Phone/Tablet

Do you have deleted your favorite photos from Android Phone Accidentally? Are you looking for an easy way to retrieve your Deleted

Convert Photos into Cartoon and Sketch Images in Windows, Android, iPhone,Mac

Have you ever thought about making Cartoon Sketch of yourself ? Cartoon Sketch is really Fun and makes you smile. You can also cha

Recover Blue Screen of Death Crash Errors in Windows 7, 10

If you are a Windows user for a sometime, possibly you might experience the Blue Screen of Death error. Are you wondering why it h

How to Install TWRP Custom Recovery (CWM, Philz) on Android Phone /Tablets

Know the Best & Easy ways to install Custom Recoveries like ClockWorkMod (CWM), TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP), Philz Touch C

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