Remote Control your Computer, Rasperry Pi using Android, iOS Phone

Remote technology hasn’t made any real advances in years. All screen-based entertainment needs a remote control, but instead of buying one, you can save money by controlling your PC using your smartphone or tablet without keyboard and mouse using wifi.

For Android Users

What is Unified Remote?

If you are an Android user then we’d recommend Unified Remote an Android App. Easily the most feature-filled Android-PC remote. Turns your Android device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for your Windows PC. Control your favorite programs, mouse, and keyboard.

How Unified Remote App Works?

Unified Remote App connects your Android device to your PC via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and lets you use your smartphone as a keyboard or mouse. Some programs have their own controllers built into the software,including Spotify, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player and VLC.

Upgrade to the full version for more applications including Boxee, Chrome, Firefox, iTunes, Netflix, Picasa and others.

For iOS Users, Use HippoRemote Lite

If you are an iOS user there’s a HippoRemote lite  App.

The free Lite version lets you control your mouse with a virtual trackpad on your device. You can also use the iOS keyboard to input text, with most standard PC keys represented on the screen. The Full version, which costs $4.99, includes controls specifically designed for different programs and websites, and a game controller, It also lets you create your own controls from scratch.

Use this HippoRemote Control Application to control your Conference, Living Room or Classroom computer. This app uses the Wi-Fi to connect with your computer. You can do anything with your iPhone to control the computer.

This app offers many features like Wake on-LAN, Split-Screen mode, Multi-touch trackpad, Intelligent Keyboard.

You can wake-up your computer using your iPhone using the Wake on-LAN feature. Use this feature, if you want to hear music without touching the computer keyboard. Using this app, You can do anything in your computer like you have done via the computer keyboard.

This app provides the more features in the pro version.


Use these two Apps to control your computer from your iPhone and Android Smartphone. Play the music, movies and browse the internet using your Phone as a remote.

Download :

Install unified Remote Lite (Android App)

Install HippoRemote Lite (iOS App)


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