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100+ Best Free Windows Software Programs Ever (Most Useful) – 2021 Edition

For SpicyTricks Users, We are regularly sharing new and useful Windows Applications. Once again,

On Aug 10

By Raja CRN

How to Easily install and Dual-Boot Windows 10 on Apple Macs

Installing and dual-booting Windows 10 on Mac OS X mountain Lion are really easy now. Thanks to A

On May 30

By Raja CRN

Top 30 Best Windows 8 Themes, Visual Styles and Skins 2020

Bored of Your Windows 8 Computer Desktop screen ? Get these best Windows 8 Themes and refresh the

On Nov 10

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Top 10 Best ‘Cars and Bike Windows 8 Themes’ [7 Compatible]

Cars and bike themes for Windows 8 is a collection of popular and stunning cars and bikes picture

On Aug 05

By Raja CRN

30+ Most Useful Tips to Improve Your Windows 10 Productivity

Windows 10 Operating System has changed the Windows users Computer experience to the new level. W

On Jul 06

By Raja CRN

Top 20 Best Windows 8 Apps [Must Have]

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8 brings you the apps concept like all iPhone and

On Oct 09

By Raja CRN

Finally Start Menu is Coming to Windows 8.1 Update Officially

Finally, Microsoft has taken the much-anticipated decision of bringing back the Much loved Start

On Apr 04

By Raja CRN

Download Windows 8.1.1 2014 Right Now from Update Center

Microsoft hasn’t released the Widows 8.1 update 1 officially to users. However, little regi

On Mar 07

By Raja CRN

Customize the Startup Applications to Speed Up Windows 8.1[How TO]

Windows 8.1 is the update to Windows 8 with essential enhancements and tweaked features to satisf

On Jan 04

By Raja CRN

How To Create Windows 8 Apps without Coding Using MS Project Siena

Microsoft has developed the new Project with the code-name “Siena”. Which is a basica

On Dec 21

By Raja CRN