Finally Start Menu is Coming to Windows 8.1 Update Officially

Finally, Microsoft has taken the much-anticipated decision of bringing back the Much loved Start Menu Windows 8.1 Update. Yes, the consumers have won this time, but Microsoft has already lost its sales in Windows 8. Let’s hope that this decision of bringing back the Traditional Start menu will accelerate the sales of Windows 8.

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In the latest Build Developer Conference, Microsoft has announce the Windows 8.1 Update  and its features. Many of the features are designed to make using the OS easier with a mouse and keyboard. Start Menu update will not come with Windows 8.1 update, but users will get in the future update. The exact date of the Start Menu update is unknown. However, users who missed their favorite features will get it back.

About Windows 8.1 Update Start Menu

The Windows 8.1 Update will give you the much improved and modern Start Menu compared to traditional one. This new Start Menu will be the fusion of the traditional start menu  found in Windows 7 and Modern Tiles in Windows 8, you can view that in the screenshot. The end result is quite awesome, the users will definitely love it.

Another feature that will come with Windows 8.1 update will clearly impress many users. That is, you can run modern Windows 8 Apps in the desktop environment with title bar and window. This new feature will give you the possibility of doing all the tasks in the same Desktop mode.

When will You Get this Features

Microsoft hasn’t given the exact time frame for this Windows 8.1 update and future updates. However, you will get these updates before this end of the year.

In the mean time you can get these features using our guide in your Windows 8 and 8.1.

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