Windows 8 becomes the Third Popular OS in the World

The Latest Modern Operating System by Microsoft, Windows 8, has gained some momentum  and capture the third spot in the Market share. According to website traffic data collected by Net Applications, Windows 8 finally surpassed the Windows Vista and become the World’s third most popular Operating system.

The Windows 7 is still hold the crown in the market share which has 44.7-percent of share, and the Oldest Windows XP is one step back with 37.17%. Windows 8 is in third place with a share of 5.10 percent.

Now, Windows is the most loved Operating system after the Windows XP. Even after the release of Windows 8, many users still asking the computer with Windows 7. Even though Microsoft has pushed their newly born mobile targeted Windows 8.

The Modern OS ‘Windows 8’ was launched in 2012 August which has garnered many criticism for the mobile Approach and removal many classic features of Windows such as start Button, start menu, Aer0 Glass Transparency and Inclusion of Start screen.  However, the Windows 8 has shown a steady growth in the number of users over the period of one year. Still the 5.1% is the disappointing numbers for the Microsoft. Windows 8 will updated with most wanted features such as Start Button, boot into the Desktop directly etc with Windows 8.1. Microsoft has released the Windows 8.1, you can Download Windows 8.1 Preview Here.

Overall the Windows operating system rules the computing World with mega domination with the overall share of 91.26 Percent. Apple’s Mac os has able to get only the 6.63% with a combination of Mac OS X (10.6,10.7, 10.8). Meanwhile, “Other” operating systems account for only 2.11-percent of computers.

The data shows the ‘Microsoft’s Windows’ remains the king of the operating system in desktops and Laptops while the smartphone and tablet markets ruled by the iOS and Android which collectively hold a 65 percent share of computing devices, compared to Windows’ 35 percent.

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