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Windows 7 Your Way: Speed Up Internet (First Time on Net Part1)

Speeding Up the Internet Customizing Internet Explorer is one way to have the Internet your way in Windows 7(also Vista), but it’s just part of the picture. The other way to optimize the Internet on your system is to speed up your browsing— by whatever means possible!   1Things That Slow Down Web Browsing There […]

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How To Open Hidden Windows Themes in Windows7

Windows Themes is a part of windows.It gives a good user Interface.Windows 7 comes with a handful of themes, but it also lets you get more. Windows 7 typically comes with about 13 themes: Aero Themes: Windows 7, Architecture, Characters, Landscapes, Nature, Scenes, and your country’s theme Basic and High Contrast Themes: Windows 7 Basic, […]

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Top 12 Tweaks To Improve Vista Looks and Performance

If you have ever wanted to change the look or way Windows operates we definitely understand the way you feel. Most tweaks and changes are published, but some are not and have to be discovered by users. Below is a list things you can do to change the feel and performance of Windows Vista. 1. […]