What factors to be considered when you buying Windows OS and software from third party seller?


In this post I am going to discuss about the third party seller and factors to be consider when you buy a software from Third party and what are the risks of pirated software.

What is Third Party?

Third-party sale means sale made by an agency acting as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller; here seller is first party and buyer is second party.

Factors considered when you buying from Third party:

If you’re considering buying Windows from a third party,

1. Make sure that the re-seller  or third party seller is reputable.

2. Look for high-quality packaging with a certificate of Authenticity label.

3. But no product key on the outside of the package

4. Also ,Check to confirm that a hologram CD, DVD, or recovery media and End user license Agreement are included in the software package.

These four point are very very essential and you should remember when you buying an Operating system or software from third party seller.

What are Risks of Pirated Software?

Microsoft  enhances its validation tests constantly ,which may cost your Windows OS when you purchase it from Third party.That is  Your copy of Windows originally passed the validation test once you purchase but later failed.

Besides the ethical issues surrounding software piracy, a Microsoft spokesperson points out that counterfeit software carries risks such as exposure to malware and identity theft. The company encourages customers to use its Windows genuine Advantage (WGA) and office genuine Advantage (OGA) validation tools.In my previous post I explain about how to know that your Windows are Genuine or Not.

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