How to Embed the Instagram Videos in Your Site and WordPress

After the Facebook bought Instagram, it immediately cut down the access to Twitter. Now, Facebook launched the tiny video sharing service called “Instagram Video” to compete against Twitter’s Vine video service. Instagram is doing better than Vine, and it offers 15 secs video limit. You can also embed the Instagram video in your WordPress blogs and sites.

Taking out the video from the Instagram is not the complex process. just follow this guide to easily embed the Instagram videos in your site.

Steps to Embed Instagram Video or Images in your site

1. Open the Instagram in your browser and go to the Video or image section of yours and copy the web link from the Address bar.

2. Next Go to the Embed Instagram online tool  and paste you copied URL in the text bar and click Generate Embed Code Button.

3. Once you click the embed code button, it will display the html embed code in text area with all necessary code with Description, usernames and hashtags of the Image or video. Make sure It has all the right code. You can also edit the Height and width of the image for better styling.

4. Now, copy that embed text and paste that in your site code editor for your website to display your video.

That’s it, You can easily share your micro video in your blog. It may be an advertisement or little fun thing, now you share anything with Instagram videos.

Another method using Google Chrome or safari

Using the developer tool of Google chrome, safari and Firefox, you can easily find out the embed code for any Instagram video.

1. Open the Instagram video link in the Google Chrome.

2. Right click on the video and select inspect element.

3. Search the code in the inspector with Text div class-“Video” . There, you can find the Instagram video starting with http://distilleryvesper URL.

4. Now, Right click on the code and copy the HTML. Now You can open the video directly from browser without Instagram.

You can use any of the above two method to get Instagram video code.

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