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25 Best Google Chrome Extensions and Apps 2021[Must Have]

Ready to get the beast out of the Google chrome with epic collections of extensions. Google Chrome is simple browser that is a min

How To Send Secure, Encrypted Email Messages Through Gmail

The headlines of the last month are, many countries are tracking the Internet users with Spy Agencies. This is major privacy conce

Open MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel in Browser Using Chrome Office Viewer by Google

  You don’t have to spend money for purchasing MS Office anymore, to view MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel in your office.

Block Annoying things in Web Using Do Not Disturb in Chrome

Web is one of the best technology that evolved in the modern World that brings the entire world in your big or tiny screen. Even t

iOS 7 New Tab Page Brings iOS 7 Games, Apps, Style to Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser and leading the market share in style with a lot of features and functionality. One of t

Google Chrome Like Auto Translation in Firefox Browser [How To]

There is no argument that Google Chrome has led from the front in the browsing Industry. It offers many features, and you can expa

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Opera

Yesterday, I’ve posted about the Opera Next (Opera 15) which is the first version of the Opera after integrating with Chromi

How to Remove the Duplicate Bookmarks and Dead Links in Google Chrome

Bookmarks are links to websites that make it easy to get back to your favorite or important web pages. This is very handy feature

Reduce Tab Clutter and 95% Memory usage of Google Chrome with One Tab

Google chrome is the one application that runs throughout the day in my system. The simple and fastest browser has always filled w

How To Separate the Google Chat From Browser

Using Google Chat, you can Chat with your friends and family on the internet anytime. Google chat is attached to the all Google Pr

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