How To Send Secure, Encrypted Email Messages Through Gmail

The headlines of the last month are, many countries are tracking the Internet users with Spy Agencies. This is major privacy concern for all Internet users. Many details emerged that USA has direct access with Top Tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. However, all these companies have denied these charges and claimed that the users data are safe.

In this post, learn How to Send encrypted Emails via Gmail from Google Chrome browser. Hereafter, No one can read your encrypted emails other than the Receiver.

How to Protect your Privacy Data

Why Should you Trust these companies? You can protect your data with some technique to some extent. That is use Best Google Alternative like DuckDuckGo and send Encrypted email to all.

How to Send Encrypted Email Message from Gmail

SecureGmail is a Google Chrome Extension that gives you the ability to send encrypt emails to all Gmail users. This extension simply encrypts and decrypts your Gmail Messages. You have to only remember encrypted passwords and send it to the recipients via phone or using email. If the recipient enters the correct encrypted password, then SecureGmail will decrypt the message and the recipient can read your message. It’s pretty simple.

Steps to Send Encrypted Gmail Message

1. Install the SecureGmail extension from Chrome web store. Once you installed this extension, open the Gmail in Google Chrome.

2. You can see the new lock icon beside the compose button in Gmail.

3. If you wan to send encrypted email, just click that secure lock, it will open the secured compose mode in Gmail

4. Now, enter your subject and message and message, click the ‘Send Encrypted’ button

5. The new pop up will ask you to enter the encrypt password and hint.  Remember the password and send it to the recipient.

That’s it encryption is done now and your message will be sent.

Steps to Decrypt the Gmail Message

Now, the recipient can’t read your message since it has been encrypted by you.

1. The email message will show the decryption link to the recipient to decrypt the message. Once they click that link, it will ask password to decrypt the message.

Note:  If a recipient don’t have the SecureGmail extension, the email message will ask them to install the extension.

2. Enter the correct password and read the message

What is the Advantage of using SecureGmail

1. SecureGmail is an Open source project, so you can read the source code and fix if any flaws there.

2. Secure Gmail is compatible with all your Google accounts like Apps, Business accounts

3. Since you have sent the encrypted message, no one can read your email, even Gmail can’t read your message. The spy programs can’t track your message. If they got the password, they can access your email.

Your privacy is safe, and no one can read your mind showing relevant ads to computer.

What is the Disadvantage of it

1. Currently, SecureGmail is only available for Google chrome, so the chrome users can only use this feature now.

2.  It doesn’t allow Gmail to save the drafts, since the Draft message will be easily read by Google. It is somehow an advantage, but the draft feature will not work.

3. SecureGmail is not supporting the reply feature, that is use can’t reply to encrypted message directly.

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SecureGmail is beginning of the new path in email communication for end users. This extension is still in early stage, if it fixes the above disadvantages, it will more popular to all users. Still, It is an awesome chrome extension to try. Use this extension to send encrypted messages to your friends and have fun:)

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