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Google+ Hangouts Gets Remote Desktop Feature; Control Your Friends’ PC Remotely

Google has added the Remote Desktop Feature to Google+ hangouts, using this new feature remotely connect and control your friend&#

How To Control Your Own Google Account After Your Death

What really happens after we die ? Here, I’ve no idea  to stir up the metaphysical-religious discussion in this blog. But ma

Top 20 YouTube’s Most Watched Ad Videos in 2012

Last year’s list of  Most Viewed  Ads  in YouTube by Google was the Volkswagen commercial The Force.  This year is was a big

Google Maps for iOS 6 Released, Download Now

Much awaited Google Maps for iOS is now live and available on the Apple app store for download. For a while or completely, is this

Google Zeitgeist 2012 – What World Searched on this year

Google has just released its Google Zeitgeist 2012 list which is the annual list of  most popular searches and trends throughout t

Top 10 Most viewed YouTube videos globally in 2011

Yesterday We have shared the Top 10 Most Watched Ad Videos of YouTube in 2011. Today, Google’s video site revealed the top 1

Top 10 Most Watched Ad Videos of YouTube in 2011 by Google

Today Google’s Video site YouTube revealed the details of  ‘Top 10 Most Watched Ad Videos  in 2011’ .What is sur

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