How To Speed Up an Android Phone Easily with 5 Simple Tips

How To Speed Up an Android Phone Easily with 5 Simple Tips

All Smartphones and computers have given the best performance and speed when it is new. After the month of use, they will slow down gradually. It’s because of the non-maintenance and having too much of applications. Android phones are also not exemption in this case, you have to maintain your Android phone to get the speed and Performance.

Fortunately, you can improve  Speed of android Phone again with simple steps. Here,I’ll show you how to get the best performance and speed from your Android devices with ease. By using the following tips, you can increase the speed of Android phone without rooting.

1. Clean up the App Cache

All Android Apps that will write their data in the App cache memory and use your system resources quite often and will slow down your Android phone. You can avoid this by clearing app cache in the settings of each app. However, if you have many apps, that will take time to clear your App cache manually.

You can use App cache cleaner to remove those files from Android system easily with one click. Here, we have previously written about the Best 5 Apps to Clean & Optimize to Increase the speed of Android Phones. Use those apps to clean app cache , unused files, residual files, search history and uninstalling apps. It can do more than you think.

2. Uninstall the Unused Apps

Apps makes the smartphone even smarter. While having too many apps will kill your system resources,  because many apps will run in the background and access the processes always. Many background processes, certainly will slow down your Android Phone. To Fix this problem to get the Speed of Android phone again, you have to uninstall the Unused Apps.

Manage applications option, found under Settings > Applications > Manage applications

Also, you can use the Android Cleaner Apps to uninstall the Apps and their data.

3. Remove the Adware, bloatware and Malware

Like Windows Operating system, Android is so popular in smartphone Industry. Because of these popular and millions of apps in the Play store, Android is vulnerable to many security threats. The Attractive free apps may have install adware and even malware in your phone.

The annoying Adware will use your valuable system resources to show the irritating ads in the home screen. To remove that you have to secure your Android phone with Mobile Antivirus Apps. Many Free yet best Security and Antivirus Apps are available in Play store. Just install the Android Antivirus apps and remove those craps from your phone.

4. Remove the Unnecessary Widgets

Just install the App launcher for shortcuts and remove those shortcuts. Also, the Widgets too have eaten your memory resources, so try to remove the unnecessary widgets from your Android home screen.

It will give you some amount of space and resources to speed up the Android phone further.

5. Turn off the Wireless data connectivity

Many Internet apps like Gmail, Facebook will always connect with Internet and using your data resources regularly. All that syncing will slow down your system and drain your battery power. Simply turn off the data usage and preserve some resources to gain the performance. Go to Settings >Data usage > Off.

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Do you know any other simple tips to increase the speed of Android phones and Tablets? Share here!


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