Get First Day Performance and Smoothness of Your Android Again with Greenify!

Is your Android Performance Degraded after the few months of use? Most of the Android users are facing the similar situation. It is all because of the rogue Android Apps hiding in the background, eating your RAM and System Resources. You may also notice that your Android battery drained out in a short period of time.

There are a number of ways to deal with this background processes, but none of those is up to the mark to get back the Initial smoothness and best performance from Android. You may Wonder, What is the fix for this problem? Answer is “Greenify”. It is the new Android app that can be used to fix those above problems effectively and silently.

What is it? How it will Help?

Greenify Android app identifies all the nuisance apps and put them into hibernation when you are not using them, stop them from lagging and battery leeching. The App won’t Kill those bad behaving apps completely, if you want to use those apps, you have to launch it explicitly. This uniqueness of putting the background apps in the Hibernation is standout this Greenify with other apps.

Where it Excels

Greenify is user-friendly app. Once Installed, you can choose  which apps you want to hibernate. That’s it. Also, you can select the currently running apps in the Hibernation list. This app will monitor those Hibernation list apps, when they are not active for some time (like Screen Goes off), Greenify will put those apps in the Hibernation mode.

This will save a tons of RAM memory and your Battery Life. You can launch those Hibernated apps, any time manually like a normal way. Unlike the “Freeze” feature in “TitaniumBackup Pro” that totally disable an app, you can still use your hibernate apps as usual.

Greenify is very Light weight Android app, it barely uses the average RAM footprint at 3M in total, and nearly zero CPU and battery consumption. Also note that, you should not include the essential background services like Alarm Clock, Push message, Broadcast Receivers service in the Hibernation List. If you do so, then those very important tasks can’t be executed in your Phone.

Where it Falls

Greenify can only be used in the Rooted Android devices. And, You have to extra vigilant when adding Background apps in the Hibernation list. Greenify won’t warn you, when you add the Alarm clock and any most needed background services in the list.

How to Use Greenify in Non-Rooted Android Devices

Improve Android Battery Performance

Greenify supports non-rooted Android devices. However, The Auto hibernation mode is not supported due to the higher privilege level restriction. For non-Rooted Android devices, The Hibernation widget will be useful and it will hibernate all the Android Apps.

Despite that, you have to hibernate each apps manually. In Android 4.1 and above devices, you can automate this manual process with the help of Accessability feature. Once You give the Accessibility permission to Greenify, the hibernation widget will do the trick whenever you Tab that. To easily use the hibernation widget put it in the Android Home screen.

Conclusion and Download

Over all, Greenify is the Much needed App to boost your Battery life and Get back your first day Android Performance and smoothness.  Most of the users have got the more battery life with Greenify. Even some users have the battery backup of  1 to 3 days with Average use. You must have this app in your Favorite Android App list to get the best performance from your Android Phone for the long time.

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