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What is the Best Alternative to Google and Bing Search Engines?

There are many search engines available in the internet to search things. But Google Rules Search

On Nov 02

By Raja CRN

How to Backup Your Gmail Emails in 5 Ways; Save it for Offline Access

On April 1, 2013, Google has celebrated the 9th anniversary of  Gmail. Now Gmail has more than 42

On Jun 29

By Raja CRN

“The Old Reader” is a New Google Reader for Feed Users

Google has announced that the Google reader will end its service on July 1st 2013. This news made

On Jun 26

By Raja CRN

Google Launches “Person Finder” to Help Uttarakhand, India flood Victims

India Floods: Tens of thousands of people still stranded in flood-hit northern Indian state of Ut

On Jun 21

By Raja CRN

Google[x] Project Loon: Balloon Powered Internet access

Project loon is the new experimental service from Google Lab Google[X].  This project will provid

On Jun 17

By Raja CRN

Bye Paypal! Now Send Money as an email from Gmail by Google

At Google I/O conference , they announced that Now Gmail users can send money from Gmail as an at

On May 17

By Raja CRN

Google Offers 15GB Of Shared Storage Between Gmail, Drive and G+ Photos

On Monday, Google has announced the changes to their free cloud storage. Now you will get 15 GB o

On May 14

By Raja CRN

Google Keep Universal Note Taking App now as a Chrome App for Google Chrome

Google’s note taking app “Google Keep” has now come to the Chrome web store fro

On May 03

By Raja CRN

Google Says Bye! Bye! to Instant Preview in Google Search, adds New Menu

Google has introduced the Instant previews of Search results two years back. That instant preview

On Apr 25

By Raja CRN

How To Control Your Own Google Account After Your Death

What really happens after we die ? Here, I’ve no idea  to stir up the metaphysical-religiou

On Apr 12

By Raja CRN