Google Launches “Person Finder” to Help Uttarakhand, India flood Victims

India Floods: Tens of thousands of people still stranded in flood-hit northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. More than 15,000 people have been rescued, many trapped, Missing and authorities feared that more than 1000 people may dead in this havoc.

Now Google has launched the service “Person Finder” to find the missing people in this flood disaster. By using this new service, anyone can help find and report the untraceable persons. This service is available in Hindi and English, click the link to open the site and use this to find your loved ones if they missed in this disaster.

This tool has two options : I’m Looking for someone and I have the information about someone. When I was writing this article, this tool has received 1200 records so far.

I’m looking for someone options helps to find the people, you are searching by entering the name or part of the name. Once you enter the name, this tool will show all the results about the person. The result will be shown like name with Little Thumbnail of the person(If available) and status of the person. You can click the link to open the particular person for full details. If you have more information about the person, you can enter the full details about the person (address, full name etc.) with your phone number and details.

Open the I have the information about someone link to enter the details about the person, you have found in the flooded areas and from rescue area to help their families.

This Person finder service designed by the Google Crisis Response team. All the information in this service can be accessed by anyone from public to Government agencies and NGO’s (Non Government agencies).

Google Person Finder Tool for Uttarakhand 2013

Update: (Person Finder for Uttarakhand 2013 is no longer active. The data collected by Google has been deleted to privacy of the users)


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