Bye Paypal! Now Send Money as an email from Gmail by Google

At Google I/O conference , they announced that Now Gmail users can send money from Gmail as an attachment to anyone for free. For that, Google has integrating their Google wallet service to Gmail. Before now, Google wallet has been only used in the mobile phone to pay for purchases.

Google Wallet web service integration with Gmail allows you to send money quickly to your friends and family directly within Gmail. Even If the receiver don’t have the Gmail address, you can send money from Gmail securely. You can use this service for free to make payments, if your bank Accounts attached to Google Wallet or if you have a balance in Google wallet. Low fees apply to send money using your linked credit or debit card.

How to Send Payments from Gmail

This Google wallet service is integrated in the Gmail attachment options. That is you can attach money in your email like attaching images and files in your message.

To send money, hover over the attachment paperclip, then click the $ icon to attach money to your message, enter the amount you wish to send, and then press send. It is pretty much easy and safe.

For now, this feature can be only used in Desktop. And the email transactions only work in US. If you wan to use Google wallet from your mobile or tablet, Go to to access this service. And setup the Google wallet account. Setting up the Wallet service is pretty simple. Just accept the terms, and enter your credit or debit card details and finish the setup. Google will show you your personal address from Google Account, If you want to add a new address, you can change it in the setup process.

Google also announced that, this feature will be available for all US Gmail users in coming months who are over 18 years old. You can also get earlier access to this feature, if you have received money from Google Wallet Gmail service.

Earlier in the I/O Conference Google has Introduced the Unified Messaging service called Hangouts for Android,iOS and chrome

Checkout the below video to know how this works,

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