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Top 20 Best Windows 8 Apps [Must Have]

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8 brings you the apps concept like all iPhone and Android Apps. So Windows 8 has co

Windows 8.1 RTM Original Version Leaked to Internet, You Can Download

Today, the Two Untouched Windows 8.1 RTM Final Versions have been leaked in the Internet. The leaks are started from Tuesday when

How To Create Custom Tiles in Windows 8 Using Custom Tile Maker

Windows 8 has been heavily criticized for its many new features like Start Screen and Metro UI. Microsoft has come up with Windows

Windows 8 becomes the Third Popular OS in the World

The Latest Modern Operating System by Microsoft, Windows 8, has gained some momentum  and capture the third spot in the Market sha

Merge The New Start Screen With Traditional Desktop in Windows 8

The Windows 8 has come with new Start screen and separate desktop. Just switch the screen to get anyone of the screen either Start

HowTo Get Back Classic Start Menu & Windows Explorer in Windows 8

Have you missed the Classic start menu in Windows 8  and lost? Here  is a rescue for you to get back in a start. One of the Most d

How to Fix ‘Synaptics Touchpad not Working’ problem on Windows 8

In our Previous post, We have posted about how to activate the Windows 8. After Installing the Windows 8 RTM, you might have faced

Windows 8 Officially Launched, Upgrade to US$14.99

The Popular Windows operating System “Windows 8” Officially Launched by Microsoft today. Consumers worldwide will be a

Microsoft Released “Windows 8 Consumer Preview” download links Inside

Finally wait is over for Windows users, The Windows 8 consumer preview is now available for download. Today, Microsoft  has releas

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