How To Delete Files Permanently from My Computer Hard Disk (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Do you know that when you have deleted the files from your computer, is not actually deleted from the Hard Disk? Yes, the delete button only delete the reference of the file from the file system table in your computer. So the deleted files can be easily recovered from your computer using Data recovery tools.

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You may ask that, how to delete or remove my sensitive files from my computer permanently?  To achieve that, there are some tools available for you that will entirely delete your confidential files from your hard disk and there are no chance of retrieving it from your computer using any file recovery tools.

Turbo Shredder is the best free Windows software that will erase your sensitive and confidential files from your computer permanently.

How it Will delete the Data permanently

When you delete the files from your computer that are not actually deleted from your hard disk, only it has been removed from the file system Table of your computer. So It can be easily retrieved from your hard disk by using the Recovery tools. But note that You should not overwritten any data on that particular space. If you have overwritten any of the file in that disk, it will be very tough to retrieve the file.

Using the above concept, Turbo Shredder deletes the files and Overwrite the data up to 100 times in that particular space. In addition, the Turbo shredder is doing some other tasks such as overwrite file names and directory names, deletes timestamps of files and directories, overwrite data with zeros, ones or random data. It supports several deletion algorithms.

Steps to Wipe out  Your Data Permanently



Download and install this Turbo Shredder application in your computer. Launch the application and add the files you want to completely erase from your Hard Disk, by clicking the + symbol in the application. You can add multiple files using the above step.

After the just hit the Shred button, Voila! the Turbo Shredder will completely delete your top-secret files from your Hard disk. Now no one can recover using any recovery methods!

Download Turbo Shredder

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