What is the Best Alternative to Google and Bing Search Engines?

If you are looking for the Best alternative for Google Search, You can try the DuckDuckGo. You may ask, Why it is the Alternative for Google Search Engine?  Because, You can search anonymously, there’s no search filter and much more. Just checkout below features to fully understand the DDG.

After the PRISM news breakout, DuckDuckGo.com is a prominent choice of many users. The search engine has Tagline in the HomePage “Search Anonymously”  which has seen the upswing in the Traffic in the wake of Government’s web tracking Program PRISM. I think most of us don’t know about the DuckDuckGo. Let me explain first about it.

What is DuckDuckGo and Why it is better than Google?

DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine like Google, say that like “classic Google”. It is powered by the number of crowdsourced websites like Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha etc. The search engine is known for its best privacy policy, even Google has accepted the DuckDuckGo is a Competitor. It’s all because of DDG has simple, fast and zero tracking algorithm. You can notice that in their About page,

We believe in better search and real privacy at the same time. That’s why:

  • We have tons of Goodies
  • We don’t track you
  • We drop the clutter
  • We don’t filter bubble you

The above four things are the main Goals of the DuckDuckGo and which fairly distance them from search engine giants Google and Bing.

The first and primary reason why many users will use DDG is the privacy concerns. Many user surveys also described the same thing that about 65%-70% users don’t want share their information with Google or Bing or with any Tracking sites. DuckDuckGo has promises not track you, but the Google and Bing track you in each and every search query. Here, the clear winner is DuckDuckGo. And this is what happening today.  The news of PRISM has attracted many users to DuckDuckGo and  site has broken traffic records this week, with almost 2.5 million searches conducted on Thursday.

The second thing is Filter Bubble. The Google and Bing use the filter bubble Algorithm. To simply say that, the search engine hides the information for you. Filter Bubble is a user profile which is created based on your searches, interests and other factors by tracking you. Just try that  SpicyTricks search query in Google with your account and from other account. You can see the difference in search results. The difference I’ve notified is that one account shows the results without images and other results shows images for spicytricks.

But in DuckDuckGo, the search query will return same results for all users. It simply shows that you are not tracked, and the results aren’t customized based on your interests. And again the DDG is the clear winner.


Let’s compare the results of the Search Engine Results page (SERP). Just query the “Calories in Apple”. Both DuckDuckGo and Google returns the answer right about the Search results.


Google has provided the more information about the apple in the right panel, but the whole idea of showing the direct answer is adopted by Google in few months ago. DDG shows the direct answer with the help of Wolfram Alpha.


Also search for the “Height of  Everest”. Both search engines show the same result with a direct answer. But the Google has shows the result with the image and a short summary about Everest from Wikipedia and some basic Geo details.


You can search and compare many queries with Google and DDG. The simple facts clearly show that DuckDuckGo is the fastest, simplest and anonymous Search Engine. You can also search other sites with the help of !Bang. However, Google is the best search engine in terms of getting the most relevant results and answers for you. Also, the huge team working behind the Google to provide the best for all Internet users. Also, Google is receiving over billion queries every day. DuckDuckGo isn’t providing the best relevant results compared to Google and Bing.

For example : SpicyTricks ! Twitter  search query will search twitter directly from it and shows the tweets. You can also use many search tags like this in DDG.

DuckDuckGo has no major marketing and advertising, they are only gaining users from Traditional yet powerful Word of Mouth communication. This method only works, if the service is Good. Since the DuckDuckGo is best, the persons using this site recommend it to others.

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