Opera 15 : Next Chromium Clone Browser Released as Opera Next

Opera has launched their preview version of Chromium Integrated Web Browser Opera 15.  According to their prior announcement of moving to the Webkit browser engine, Opera 15  has been integrated with chromium 26. However, Google announced that they are developing the Blink Browser for even faster browsing and will ditch the Webkit to favour the Blink. Opera also has moved to support Google’s Blink Browser Engine which is a fork of Webkit. Safari, Chrome are major products using the Webkit as their Browser Engine.

Now, The beta release of Opera 15 has released. Anyone can download and test the new Opera next in Windows. Few days before Opera have released their Chromium Based Opera 14 Mobile browser for Android Platform.

This new version 15 has so many cuts and shaves. You will certainly feel the direct chromium look and design. Most of the Opera users didn’t expect their favorite browser was blown away like this way.

Opera Mail is separated from the  Opera 15 Browser. Hereafter, you can download Opera Mail as a Separate product.

What is new in Opera 15?

  • An enhanced Speed Dial helps you organize your most viewed sites.
  • Stash saves pages for reading at a later time.
  • Discover recommends headlines you might like.
  • Off-Road mode compresses data to speed up browsing on slow connections.
  • A combined search and address bar lets you filter predictive results by search engine.

Improved Performance of Opera 15

Opera 15 has a new feature called Off-Road mode which is the Turbo Mode Before.  This old but now feature uses server-side compression to give you better browsing speeds when you are on slow connections. For example, If you are on Bandwidth metered connection, Obviously this feature will save some bandwidth and money too.

Many Customizations Removed

Many of the users love the Opera, because of the Customizations (Look and Feel, Toolbar and Icon Positions, Font selection etc..) it offers. If you are a fan of it, you lost it forever or you have to wait for the final version to confirm that. I don’t think that Opera will include that again.

Other removals,

  • Bottom Bar with Page Zoom slider removed
  • Opera config page is not available
  • Developer Tools Dragonfly Removed and Chromium Dev Tools Included
  • No Rss Page
  • Opera Extensions are not working when I tested Opera 15, But The Extensions page and support is included
  • Opera Notes is not available
  • Bookmarks Removed and New Feature Stash Included

Compared to Opera 12, Opera 15 is the fast in terms of Rendering the Webpage and Performance. But Opera 15 has lost its identity the most by removing their unique features . If they are not come up with its unique features, then users will jump to another ship and the Opera will be abandoned. So they have to distance them from the chrome browser to regain their browser user base. But Still It’s a worth a try. Tell us what do you think about the opera Next?

Download Opera 15 (Opera Next) (Windows)

Download Opera 15 for Mac


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