Opera 16 Final Version Released, Download Now

Opera Team has released the final version of Opera 16 for Windows and Mac Systems. After Opera has integrated the Chromium browser engine, Opera 16 is the second release which has been upgraded to Chromium 29 engine.

Opera is not so Popular like Firefox and Chrome but still it has some user base for its customizable features and its own browser engine and some more features. The Move to integrate chromium engine with Opera browser has irritated the many Opera users. Opera has announced that It will hold its own browser even after the Chromium engine upgrade.

However, the Opera 15, the first release after the Chromium engine upgrade failed to do so. Opera 15 has achieved the faster rendering of webpages by using Chromium, but It lacks so much of features that gives identity to Opera browser.


Opera 16 final version Released

Today’s release of Opera has introduced some new features and put a step in the right direction.

Top changes (vs Opera 15):

  • W3C geolocation API,
  • form auto-filler,
  • support for jump-lists on Windows,
  • support for presentation mode on Mac,
  • better performance,
  • tons of bug-fixes,
  • opera:flags,
  • using Chromium 29 engine.

Opera release streams:

  • Opera (Stable) – Released every couple of weeks, this is the most solid version, ready for mission-critical daily use.
  • Opera Next – Updated more frequently than Stable, this is the feature-complete candidate for the Stable version. While it should be ready for daily use, you can expect some bugs there.
  • Opera Developer – A bleeding edge version, you can expect a lot of fancy stuff there; however, some nasty bugs might also appear from time to time.

Opera 16 Download

You can download the latest version of Opera from the download link below. If you have installed the Opera 15 before, then it will automatically updated, but it needs a restart to update to latest version.

Opera 16 for Linux systems hasn’t been released yet. If you are Opera Linux user, you have to wait for the next release. Opera team announced that Opera chromium Linux versions will be released in the future. However, we don’t know the exact release version. Meanwhile, you can use the Old Opera Linux versions which is still supported by Opera team

Download Opera 16 Stable Version


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