Opera 14 Released for Android, Integrated Chromium Engine For Faster Browsing

Opera has announced that it has released the Opera 14 for Android platform. According to their prior announcement of moving to the Webkit browser engine, Opera 14 has been integrated with chromium 26. However, Google announced that they are developing the Blink Browser for even faster browsing and ditch the Webkit to favour the Blink. The Opera team confirms that Blink will be integrated in the future update of the Opera.

This is the first version of Opera has come up with new browser Engine. Before that Opera has used their own proprietary Presto engine.

For the last two months, Opera has not released any major updates to their Desktop and Mobile browsers. It is all because of the integration of the Chromium Web Engine in to their Opera Software.

In the Blog post, Opera has Said that,

Opera 14 for Android is built on top of Chromium 26, with a total overhaul of the UI in native code, making it fit well with the latest Android design guidelines.

Opera 14 will support all Mobile phones that runs on the Android 2.3 or higher. However,Currently it doesn’t support the tablets. Opera clears that they are still working on various tablet-specific UI optimizations, and this will be released later on.

Opera 14 New Features and Enhancements

  • <input type=color> support
  • WebGL 3D context is enabled
  • CSS3 @supports
  • overhauled Speed Dial, which now combines favorite sites with bookmarks into one viewopera-audio-handling

Opera 14 has improved the HTML5 audio, that is the pause button appears in the Android notification area when you play HTML5 audio in the browser. This helps you to switch tabs, or even open other apps while the song is playing, and easily control playback from the notification area.

Opera 14 doesn’t support custom search providers and access to about://flags or chrome://flags

Opera browser
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