Top (Best) 7 Addicting Facebook Games Ever


Gaming has become an important aspect of Facebook, allowing you to play addicting games with your friends while logged into the social networking site. Hundreds of games exist on the Facebook platform, but which ones are worth playing? Here are 7 of the best games available on Facebook.facebook_logo-copy

Best 7 Facebook  Online Games To Play and Kill your Time:


Join the virtual farming revolution with the game that started it all — FarmVille. Plant and harvest crops, trees and animals, while working with friends to collaboratively build a hodge podge of items, everything from a beehive to a pigpen. [Play Now]

2.Mafia Wars

Money laundering, running illegal poker games, whacking rival mobsters – all without worry of getting caught by the police. [Play Now]

3.Cafe World

Try your hand a running a virtual cafe, cooking dishes and returning to serve them before they go bad. Recently, the game added a series of Catering Missions that have really turned up the heat. [Play Now]

4.Street Racing

If you enjoy fast cars and the thrill of illegal drag racing, but you’re too chicken to actually drive your ride in an unlawful race, try playing Street Racing. In this game, you’ll participate in one-on-one challenges, buy properties to earn money, purchase more cars, and recruit friends to become the best street racing team on Facebook. [Play Now]

5.Night Club City

Keep the party happening long after the night is over in this dance club simulation game from Booyah. Keep the bar stocked and the patrons moving as your virtual DJ plays real-life music tracks from indie artists. [Play Now]


Fishville is another Facebook game from Zynga, prominent social networking game developer. In Fishville, gamers buy, grow, and sell exotic fish and decorate aquariums. [Play Now]

7.Treasure Isle

Dig up buried treasure in Zynga’s click-adventure game on Facebook. You’ll unearth scads of items while digging your way through umpteen islands, including some that are populated with ninja monkeys. [Play Now]

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