Create Stunning Profile & Timeline Cover Photos for Facebook, Google+, Twitter on Your Own

Having the superb Profile Photo and  Timeline Cover Photo in Facebook 0r in Google+ is Cool. Isn’t it ? But making the perfect profile image and cover images with an exact dimension is not so easy as you think. The Techies can make their own cover images with a perfect design and awesome visual effects. Whenever we visit those pages, we are wondering that We also want the cover photos like this. But the we cannot make those visually stunning Profile or Cover images without hiring some professionals.


Social Media Image Maker, a Web based free service that  helps you to create, to resize and  to retouch your social profiles images. Now You can create a good looking profile and cover photos for your social Network profile. Currently this supports many social networks including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Gravatar, Flickr, Pinterest, YouTube and more.

How can I create Profile and Cover Photos for Facebook, Google+ etc..?

Just go the social media Manager and click on the create button under the type of image you want to create in specific Social Network tab. After that just drag the image in to the browser.

social media -Cover-Photo-Facebook

After the upload, you can crop the image to the exact dimension and many more options like you can rotate the image and you can use filter and effects s to change image visually.

Social Media Manager is best for creating same profile image for all your social networks in one place. It doesn’t require registration and any other things. Just open the Social media Manger and do your work



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