BlogShadow – Adsense Friendly Premium Blogger Template

Today, I’m happy to release, another premium quality Blogger Template “BlogShadow ” for free to all. This Premium Blogger Template can be used for the  Blogs like Tech Blog,News Blog,Magazine blog. This template have the shadow transition feature like our previous Template “ShadowMag”. This template comes with the Automatic Featured content slide-shows at the top of the homepage and More cool feature.

Template Features:

  • New banner at the header with size 468×96
  • Featured post in Slideshow(Automatic Update)
  • Small thumbnails with grabs the image automatically and crops it
  • Cool page navigation like Word press.
  • Related post box at the end of every post (To improve Page Views)
  • Feed burner Subscribe Form Added
  • Cool Social bookmarking Icons Included
  • Word press style comment form
  • 2 columns
  • Magazine Style
  • Thumbnail images with posts
  • Horizontal Category Navigation
  • And Cool Hover Shadow Features

Installation Instructions :

How To Install This Template?

1.Download the Template and open XML file.

2.Navigation bar

The template has two column navigation system.

  • First one is for pages like contact and about us pages, you can add those links in Page elements section of Blogger.
  • The second one is for categories, you need to edit those links manually. To enter the exact url for navigation search for <div id=’navigation’> and change the link URL to match the url in your blog post.


The Template has banner at the header with size 468×60.To add the banner ad Just Click “Add the Page Element” and go to “HTML/Javascript” and Add your ad code there.Also do the same for the sidebar ads.

4.Featured Post slideshow

For Featured Slideshow you need to edit the page element of “Feature auto slideshow” in the Page elements section of blogger. Then add your desired label name there.It will be displayed automatically in Featured Articles section.See the screenshot Below

5.Category Footer section

I include four category sections in footer to show the recent posts of the each labels.To Assign your desired label for those sections, just edit the page elements in the Page elements section of blogger and assign your desired category title and label.


You have to add meta Title and description tags to your site to improve your search engine rankings.

To add meta tags in the template go to this post ”Change your Blog post Title Tag SEO friendly to increase Google PageRank in Blogger?“.

7. Social Network Buttons and Icons:

To get more traffic and reputation to your blog, you need social networking sites.Facebook and Twitter are more useful to spread your posts and improve the traffic of your blog.

To add social Networking Buttons, head to this post “How To: Add Google+ Button & All Social Networking Buttons in Blogger blog”

That’s it…Enjoy with us.

If you have any problem during installation of the template and if you have errors then hits up our comment section..We will help you..

Raja CRN: @spicytricksRaja CRN is the Founder of CRN Interactive that offers various useful Digital Resources. He has more than 7 years of experience in content Writing and Web development specialized in WordPress. For the past 4 years, He is working on the Linux Administration. In Free Time, He dives into Android Development. He is an engineering graduate in Information Technology. He's also very social, find him at Google+

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  • This is what I get when I open the XML file in Internet Explorer.





    Drop Menu 0

    Drop Menu 1 »

    Child Menu 1.1

    Child Menu 1.2

    Child Menu 1.3

    Drop Menu 2 »

    Child Menu 2.1

    Child Menu 2.2

    Child Menu 2.3

    Drop Menu 3 »

    Child Menu 3.1

    Child Menu 3.2

    Child Menu 3.3

    Drop Menu 4 »

    Child Menu 4.1

    Child Menu 4.2

    Child Menu 4.3



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  • I can't seem to navigate the xml file when I open it. It goes to Internet Explorer for some reason. Is there an xml-manipulating software you recommend so that I can use it?

  • hi, can you help me with the drop down menu. I don't understand how its done to open to the post. DO you have a step by step instruction for starters? THank you

  • Hi, Thanks for this elegant template.
    I am using your template for my blog, but its not showing page navigation in blogger hoepage.
    Please help me in this urgently.

  • After i changed the Options(Blog Readers) from author to everybody read and the slidershow is working now. Thanks

  • How to configure the Featured Post slideshow ?

    My post title is TEST and my label is test1. Then how to write in the Page Element ?
    I wrote TEST in the title and test1 in the content, but nothing is showing in my blog. It's blank.

    • I can't figure out the reasons of the problem. So please Try To Reinstall  the template in the another newly created blog and Do check the errors you have mentioned? If it happens please reply back.. Because i have seen no errors in my demo blog and other blogs. Thanks :)

      • Hi there Raja, i was unable to create the "Feature Post Slideshow" can you give me some example? i mean like can you show me how to do it, i've tried to create a post title like post1 and my label is post2 but it ain't working..

        could you give me some of  your spare time to share some of the "Feature Post Slideshow"? i really can't figure it out how!

        Thank you.

      • Good morning Raja, I tried switching to a simple template and it worked, all I had left traces of your template code.
        I tried reloading several times and the error has been the same, so I send you the html code in my template that comes through the contact form on the web.
        See if you're lucky and can solve the problem.
        Thank you very much for your reply and sorry it has been slow to respond.
        a greeting

  • The first thing to congratulate yourself on the insole, and now I happen to explain to you the problems that I have with it:
     1.-Like sides the gadgets of the insole stay below the post though in the section of design of the page they turn out to be correctly placed in the right side.
    2.-No one sees the advertisement of 468x60. 3.-to the low categories the same thing goes on to them that to gadgets and in the section of dieño estan perfectly placed whereas in the page estan badly since it can verify.
    Thank you very much for your help and a greeting.