How to Secure Your Computer By Blocking Dangerous IP Addresses Automatically

Securing your computer or any digital device is an essential thing today. You have to protect your personal and professional information from hackers and other malicious users. In many ways you can protect your system such as using Antivirus products, Anti-Malware products and other security tools. However, If you are using internet to browse sites and download files, you may need another layer of protection to avoid the dangerous and malicious internet systems. There is a free tool called Bot Revolt will block the dangerous IP’s automatically and protect you.

What is it and How it is Helpful

Bot Revolt free is the security tool that helps your computer to block the dangerous (Malicious) IP address connections. That is, Bot Revolt will scan each and every connection that made by your computer to other and vice versa. The bot Revolt will compare all incoming and outgoing connections with Black list databases (sources include BlockList Pro, I-BlockList, FraudWatch International, and so on). If there is a match, the connection will be automatically closed and your computer will be secured.

Bot Revolot has created the one major Black lists of Malicious sources from the list of Major Security Organizations in the world such as  BlockList Pro, I-BlockList, FraudWatch International. When you install Bot Revolt, you will get the fool-proof security from those security organizations virtually.

It also works with your current anti-virus software. Bot Revolt is an extra layer of security for your computer.

Install Bot Revolt and Prevent Malicious Access to your computer

You can download Bot Revolt free version from the link below. They are also offering the subscription based premium protection.

  • To download free version, click the free trail link and enter your name and email address.
  • Now, download the Bot Revolt free from your inbox and install the setup in your computer

Bot Revolt free Limitations

This tool has some Limitations. For example., Your computer is infected with Malware and that malware program makes connection with external computer to send your information. Bot Revolt can only close that connection, if the IP address is blacklisted in the database. Also, It can’t remove the Malware in your computer, to remove that you need best Antivirus software programs. Bot Revolt Freeware contains ads, and it is not regularly updated like full version.


Bot Revolt free has added the much-needed extra layer of protection with your Antivirus programs. It is a worth to try in your computer to keep dangerous connections out.

Direct Download Link Bot Revolt Free 


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