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Top SEO-WP-Plugins-2011SEO WordPress Plugins:

WordPress SEO is the latest, greatest SEO plugin solution for WordPress.Search Engine Optimization commonly known as SEO is the only natural way to improve visibility of your site.This is why we really love of WordPress, a lot of pluginsplugins that can be used to optimize blog.This page has list of my top recommended SEO plugins for WordPress, as I update the list I’ll update the page,you can also Subscribe for our Newsletter, get our Post first and know about SEO.

# Yoast WordPress SEO:

WordPress SEO is the extremely of the elite developers of WordPress, Joost de Valk (@yoast), released his own version of a SEO plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast. Joost calls it the most complete all in one SEO solution for your WordPress blog, and we have to agree that YES it is the most complete one. With tons of features and options, this plugin is not as simple as the famous “All in One SEO Pack“, but again it is certainly worth to upgrade to this one if you want a complete solution.This plugin is also designed to help writers learn what makes good SEO. The real “wow” feature — to me as a writer — is the snippet preview addition. This feature lets users get a preview of how a post will appear in Google directly from the WordPress post screen.

# Headspace 2:

This is one of those alternatives (or not) to some other popular SEO plugins available for WordPress.HeadSpace2 is a powerful all-in-one plugin to manage meta-data and handle a wide range of SEO tasks.With it you can tag your posts, create custom titles and descriptions that improve your page ranking, change the theme or run disabled plugins on specific pages, and a whole lot more.

Because the configuration of meta-data can be a complicated and tiresome process HeadSpace provides several shortcuts to reduce your effort:

  • Meta-data nesting – data is collected not only from the page itself, but nested parent pages
  • Dynamic data extracted – why repeat yourself when you can extract data from the post itself?
  • Full GUI interface – data is entered alongside post content, and with a full auto-suggested AJAX interface for tags and keywords
  • Mass-editing – now you can edit meta-data for all pages and posts at one go!

Other recommended SEO plugins are

# All-In-One SEO Pack:

All In One SEO Pack WordPress Plugins is not only one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins but it is one of the most popular plugins of all time with over 8 million downloads from what All In One SEO Pack allows you to do is to add your targeted keywords certain areas of your posts to help the visitors better find your posts when searching on the search engines.

Here are the parts of your blog posts that All In One SEO pack helps to optimize to help visitors better find your posts on the search engine

Page Title- This is the most important area of your blog post to optimize. This is how people will first find your website and even decide if they wish to click through to read more. You should have your keywords prominently displayed in your title.

Site Meta Description – This is the description of your post which actually appears on the search engine listings describing your posts. You should make sure you keywords are prominently displayed here as well as having an appealing description to encourages visitors to read more.

# Platinum SEO:

Platinum SEO Plugin offers Complete onsite SEO solution for your WordPress blog.Platinum SEO Plugin offers all the functionalities of All In One SEO Pack.

# SEO Smart Links:

SEO Smart Links is a WordPress plugin that improves the overall SEO strength of your blog by automatic interlinking your content as well as automatically convert keywords you define into links.SEO Smart Links is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress, used by casual bloggers, Internet marketers and professional SEO agencies.

This plugin also has the premium version.It has the following features.

SEO Smart Links provides you with many benefits including:

  • Better navigation – gives the user more paths to follow, which may also increase the pageviews
  • SEO – automatically interlinks your pages, passing page rank from one page to another helps your overall search engine rankings
  • Affiliate marketing – you can even use the plugin to create affiliate marketing links with advanced options like link cloaking

# Google XML Sitemap:

Google XML Sitemap plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog.Must have, period. This takes care of everything you need to submit your sitemaps to Google and other popular search engines for better visibility. Install, activate and submit.

# WP Touch:

A simple, powerful and elegant mobile theme for your website. WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone application-style theme, complete with ajax loading articles and effects, when viewed from iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre, Samsung touch and BlackBerry Storm/Torch mobile devices.

The admin panel allows you to customize many aspects of its appearance, and deliver a fast, user-friendly and stylish version of your site to touch mobile visitors, without modifying a single bit of code (or affecting) your regular desktop theme.

# SEO Slugs:

The SEO Slugs WordPress plugin removes common words like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘in’ from post slugs to improve search engine optimization.

For example, when you publish a post with a title like this:

“What You Can Do Immediately For Higher Rankings”,

WordPress automatically assigns a long filename to your post, called a post slug:


SEO Slugs plugin strips common words like “what”, “you” or “can” out of your post slug to make it more search engine friendly. With SEO Slugs plugin activated, the slug for our example blog post would look like this:


# SEO Friendly Images:

SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress optimization plugin which automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes. If your images do not have ALT and TITLE already set, SEO Friendly Images will add them according the options you set. Additionally this makes the post W3C/xHTML valid as well.

ALT attribute is important part of search engine optimization. It describes your image to search engine and when a user searches for a certain image this is a key determining factor for a match.

TITLE attribute play lesser role but is important for visitors as this text will automatically appear in the tooltip when mouse is over the image.

#SEO Auto Links And Related Posts:

SEO Auto Links & Related Posts, is a combination of related posts and auto smart links plugin.

The auto links feature will automatically convert post title, meta keywords, and post tags found inside the blog posts into an internal link.It is an excellent alternative to other similar SEO plugins as it combines both interlinking of your content and displays your related post at the same time. Obviously there is the option to turn one or the other off, in case you are already using a deep linking plugin.


    How do you handle SEO for your blog or website? What are some of your favourite plugins and tools? Let us know in the comments.

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