17 Free Tools to Get More Out of Windows 7 (Part-3)


Windows7logo_thumb[7]Windows 7 may be one of the best OS Microsoft has released, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find free or cheap tools to tweak its settings, supplement its features, or add more power to default applications. We’ve compiled a list of 17 valuable software tools–all of them free–that can make your Win 7 experience a lot more rewarding.
i have separated this 17 tools in 4 different categoies:
1.A ‘Super’ Taskbar(Part-1)
2.Windows 7 Turbo Boosters(Part-2)
3.Desktop Enhancements(Part-3)
4.Applications Boosters(Part-4)
Desktop Enhancements
There’s no denying that Windows 7 has some cool desktop features that everybody seems to love, like the various Aero features, enhanced start menu, and more. But it can always be better, right? Yes, there are a number of freebies that can add more power to the already present features and also for adding more features. Here are four apps that will certainly amp up your desktop experience in Windows 7.
1.VistaSwitcher – VistaSwitcher is an enhancement/replacement for the hoary, ancient, alt-tab program switcher. As well as providing a much more aesthetically pleasing task switching window, VistaSwitcher provides a lot more functionality–especially if you have many instances of the same application, such as multiple Word or Excel documents. VistaSwitcher shows you a larger preview window, making it easier to pick the document you like. VistaSwitcher adds a new feature, alt-` (that’s the backtick, located just above the tab on most keyboards), which shows you just the windows associated with the current application. VistaSwitcher also allows for keyboardless application switching. You can set it to use the right mouse button and mouse wheel to switch–hold down the right mouse button and scroll through the app list with the wheel. For further customizability, you can make the task window ‘sticky’–it won’t go away when you release the summoning keys, but will wait for you to hit enter or otherwise confirm your selection.
2.Start Menu 7 – Do you want more options from the Windows Start menu? If so, install Start Menu 7 which replaces your start menu with a new one that gives you faster access to files, programs, and folders. It displays a large, semi-transparent flyaway menu sorted by category, and then within each category by subcategories. In this way, you can get to the program, document, or resource you want quickly. There’s more as well, including fast access to power management, and the ability to resize the menu.
3.Aqua Snap – The awesome Aero features – Aero Snap, Aero Shake, and Aero Glass – can be further enhanced with this nifty utilty. How awesome is that? It allows you to even resize windows to quarter-screen sizes when you use the Aero Snap feature apart from maximizing or resizing it to half the screen. It also lets you cahnge the default behavior of Aero Shake of minimizing other windows when you shake a window to making that particular window always stay on top and the other windows transparent. It also makes windows transparent when you drag them around.

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