17 Free Tools to Get More Out of Windows 7 (Part-4)


Windows7logo Windows 7 may be one of the best OS Microsoft has released, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find free or cheap tools to tweak its settings, supplement its features, or add more power to default applications. We’ve compiled a list of 17 valuable software tools–all of them free–that can make your Win 7 experience a lot more rewarding.
i have separated this 17 tools in 4 different categoies:
1.A ‘Super’ Taskbar(Part-1)
2.Windows 7 Turbo Boosters(Part-2)
3.Desktop Enhancements(Part-3)
4.Applications Boosters(Part-4)
Applications Boosters
Windows 7 have some useful applications that comes with it but as is evident with all Windows product, there are always scope of improvement for most of the built-in applications. Here are five apps that can add more zing to taking screenshots, enhance the already superb Library tool, viewer for any kind of files, instant image resizing, and Windows 7 centric application launcher .
1.7APL – This is an application launcher with easy Windows 7 integration. You can launch single applications or group of applications with a single hot key or by using JumpLists and interactive thumbnails which are well-integrated into the application. You can create a group of application or profiles and access it by right-clicking on the icons on the taskbar and via the Jumplists.
2.Universal Viewer – The one thing that is still plaguing Windows 7 is that you can’t open and view every kinds of file formats, you will need to install specific applications to view a particular file. If you don’t want to avoid that hassles, install Universal Viewer which lets you view the contents of just about any file. This free utility lets you peek inside a variety of common file types (graphics, PDF, HTML, and many more) just by right-clicking and choosing the Universal Viewer command.
3.Image Resizer Powertoy Clone – Do you miss Windows XP’s Image Resizer PowerToy? This free utility makes it easy to get the popular XP PowerToy as a Windows 7 program. First right-click one or more image files in Windows Explorer, and then select one of four sizes: small (640 by 480); medium (800 by 600); large (1024 by 768); or handheld PC (240 by 320). You can create your own custom sizes, too.
4.ZScreen – Not happy with Windows 7 built-in Snipping tool for taking screenshots and looking for an alternative that will utilize the power of Windows 7? Use ZScreen an advanced screen capturing tool with tons of features. On top of that, it comes with Windows 7 superbar integration. You can get quick access to a couple of tasks available in ZScreen by hovering over the ZScreen icon in the taskbar. It even comes with support for Windows 7 Jumplists.

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