17 Free Tools to Get More Out of Windows 7 (Part-1)


Windows7logo_thumb[7]Windows 7 may be one of the best OS Microsoft has released, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find free or cheap tools to tweak its settings, supplement its features, or add more power to default applications. We’ve compiled a list of 17 valuable software tools–all of them free–that can make your Win 7 experience a lot more rewarding.
i have separated this 17 tools in 4 different categoies:
1.A ‘Super’ Taskbar(Part-1)
2.Windows 7 Turbo Boosters(Part-2)
3.Desktop Enhancements(Part-3)
4.Applications Boosters(Part-4)

A ‘Super’ Taskbar:
Windows 7 taskbar or ‘Superbar’ (as is popularly known) offers some nice amenities: Jump Lists, program pinning, rich thumbnail previews, and so forth. Of course, it’s “your” Windows, so you should be able to make the taskbar work exactly the way you want it. Here are five tools that will add more power to the already powerful ‘Superbar’.
1.7 Taskbar Tweaker – This little utility offers six taskbar adjustments, including one that replaces the Jump List with the old-fashioned window menu when you right-click a running program. Other options include disabling thumbnail previews, turning off window grouping, opening (rather than pinning) a file that you’ve dragged to a taskbar program, and cycling through windows when you left-click a grouped button. Our favorite 7 Taskbar Tweaker feature reassigns the middle mouse button to close or focus a window instead of opening a new instance of the program.
2.Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer – Much as we love Windows 7’s window-preview thumbnails, which pop up when you mouse over any running program in the taskbar, we find them almost useless. Why? Because the thumbnails themselves are too small. This is especially true on systems with large, high-resolution monitors. Fortunately, this awesome free utility lets you make thumbnails just about any size you want. There’s nothing to install: Just run the program, then drag the Maximum Size slider somewhere north of its default.
3.7Stacks – The concept of “stacks” is familiar to any Mac user, and you can add this functionality to Windows 7 Superbar with 7Stacks. 7Stacks allows you to combine a group of related icons into a single icon and also lets you create shortcuts for the contents of any folder on your system for direct access from the taskbar itself. Such a function usually requires a desktop dock program, but this download gets you straight to the good stuff.
4.Jumplist launcher – One of Windows 7’s niftier features is Jumplists, which offer a variety of pre-determined actions that can be taken when you right-click an icon in the new, redesigned Taskbar. Jumplist-Launcher attempts to power up that feature. With Jumplist-Launcher, you will be able to create a custom Jumplist on the Taskbar. You’ll be able to launch any application from it and open folders and files that you specify. You can also organize the Jumplist any way you want, and create a Jumplist of up to 60 items, which normally isn’t possible under Windows 7. If you’re willing to spend some time with it, you’ll be able to create a Jumplist that you normally can’t create in Windows 7.
5.Taskbar Meters – This tool may not be as useful as the other mentioned utilities, but if you are someone who likes to keep an eye on the the various system resources usage, this tiny utility just might be for you. It adds resource monitors right on your Windows 7 Taskbar. It comes with three tools – One that shows CPU utilization, another that shows memory and the third shows disk Input-Output activities.

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