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Each Internet service providers claims that they have provided very high speed internet connection when you go for Broadband connection. But in reality the speed of the Broadband connection have not met their claims. There many factors that affect your speed of the internet such as DNS server request and response, crowded network etc. There are many third party softwares available to test your internet speed. Here are a few bandwidth speed test meters where you can check the upload and download stats and other stats too. These three are reliable compare to other bandwidth test meters.


Most of the persons known about speedtest.This tool automatically connects to your server and downloads/uploads a file and calculates the average speed of download and upload and connection speed.

CNET Bandwidth Meter
A file is downloaded from our servers that will calculate your bandwidth speed from the CNET Internet Services site. Your bandwidth speed may be affected by the following factors: being located outside of the United States, performing other downloads and this test simultaneously, or executing programs that use your bandwidth to monitor other resources.Here is what i get when i check my internet connection speed in this tool

Internet bandwidth speed test meters

Broadbandreports.com test
This tool also reports in the same way as the above by downloading and uploading a file to the server and calculating the average speeds of them. It actually takes the results from dslreports.com for the speed test.

You can improve your internet Speed by changing your DNS server addresses to OpenDNS or Google Puplic DNS servers.

If you know any other Bandwidth test meters share it Here in comments!!!!!

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