How To Customize The Firefox Add-On Bar Like Chrome? What is Add-on Bar?

Most users love the Firefox, because of its cool customization features. Firefox add-on bar is such feature that gives you quick access to add-on features. Firefox Add-ons are the one of the most loved and popular feature that allows you to extend the Firefox functionalities even better. Once you install any Firefox extension, the shortcut of the add-on will be displayed in the Firefox Add-on bar.

What does the Add-on Bar Do?

After the many User Interface changes, Firefox add-on bar got a place in the bottom of the Window that displays Add-on shortcuts and widgets.

How to show Add-on bar and Hide?

By default add-on bar will not be shown to you in Firefox when you don’t have any add-ons. But you can shown it via

  • The Firefox > Options > Add-on bar. There you can enable or disable it
  • The Shortcut to show and hide the Add-on bar, click  Ctrl + /.

How to Customize the Add-on bar Like chrome and Even better

Frankly, I don’t like the separate Toolbar for Add-ons in Firefox and even at the bottom of the window, it hides some amount of valuable webpage. To fix this, you can customize the Add-on bar and move that too in Address bar like chrome or various parts of the browser UI. You can get these all features in Firefox by installing “The Puzzle Piece” Add-on from Firefox add-on site.

Once you installed this Puzzle Piece Firefox Add-on, by default it shows the small Add-on bar when you hover the right-side bottom corner of Firefox window. When you click the Green Puzzle Piece Icon, that will hide the small add-on bar.

Options of Puzzle Piece

Puzzle Piece offers bunch of options that will move the add-on bar location to address bar, hide the add-on bar automatically etc. You can also change the default shortcut of Firefox Add-on to another shortcut with this Puzzle Piece.

Conclusion and Download

Using this Add-on, you can change the Location of Add-on bar and change the shortcut and will get the stylish way to access you all Installed Firefox add-ons.

Download Puzzle Piece Firefox add-on

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