How to Know Who Logged into My Computer and When?

Do you feel that your computer has any suspicious activity? Want to Know Who has accessed your system when you are not using it? Find out how to know when your computer was accessed and from which account.

What is the Use of finding Who logged in and When into Your Computer

It is essential to know who accessed your computer even if there is no possibility of accessing your computer.  The Unauthorized persons can login to your system, can do some malicious activities like downloading illegal files, sending obscene emails to others etc. Also, you can monitor you kid’s activity in your computer by knowing when they accessed the computer.

How to find out the Unauthorized Logins in your system

In Windows, there is one in-built too will records all events in your computer called “Event Viewer”. This application records all your computer activities from login to log off etc.

The Event Viewer can be accessed in all Windows Operating system including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Here, I’ll show you how to find the login events in Windows 8.

To open the Event Viewer, type the eventvwr.msc in Run Command (Open run command Press Win + R Keys ) and press enter.

Now the Event Viewer utility will open, and many logs will be shown to you. To get login events of you computer click Windows logs -> System in the left panel.

The System log will show all the logs  from kernel, Wireless network service start. There you can also find out the login event “Winlogon”. Just click the login event to display the properties of that event in the panel below.

In the properties, you can get the much-needed information such as Login time, user account, event ID.

If you have found that someone has accessed your computer, change your user password immediately with complex one. Then,  scan your computer with Best Antivirus applications and Anti-malware security applications for any potential threats. If you find any dangerous applications, remove that as soon as possible.


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