Automatically Upload the Photos, Videos to Google Drive on Android Phones

Auto backup or Auto upload the camera photos to cloud storage  is not new to the Android Smart phones. Google+ Photos App already has the Auto Backup feature that upload the Photos to Google+ instantly and automatically. Google+ Photos offers many photo editing features that can be used to redefine your sweet memories in your Google account. Also, You can share those photos in your Google+ profile page with your friends circle.

However, Many users don’t use the Google+ or dont’ like the Google+ at all. If you are a user, only using Google+ for Auto backup feature in Android, and expecting the alternative way to upload the Photos to Google Cloud storage, this Android app “CloudVault Photo Uploader” is for you.

What is it and How It Will Help You

CloudVault Photo Uploader is one of the best free Android Application in the Play Store that powers your Android phone to upload the photos and Videos to Google Drive Cloud storage automatically and instantly. You don’t need to worry about Recovering the Photos that deleted accidentally in your Android Phone. If you lose your photos or videos, the CloudVault Photo Uploader will save your memories of life in Google Drive.

Features of CloudVault Photo Uploader

  • Uploads in full resolution without any compression.
  • Can upload immediately or be configured to wait for a WiFi connection.
  • Ability to mass upload older pictures/videos that were taken before installing the app
  • Integrated with Google Drive
  • Integrates with your Google Account using Android Account Manager and Google Play Services

How to Use the CloudVault Auto Uploader to Auto Backup the Photos in Google Drive

CloudVault Photo Uploader is the Free Application that can be easily installed via the Google PlayStore. Once You installed the Application, When you launch it for the first time, it will ask you for the permission to access your Google Drive Account. After the successful Google Authorization, you will be asked to create the folder in Google Drive to easily access your uploaded files.

Enter the Folder name in the App and create the new CloudVault auto Uploader folder. You don’t need to change nay settings, the App will Auto backup the Photos to Google Drive when you take any new photos.

CloudVault Photo Uploader offers many settings like Google+ Photos App. You can access the settings page in the App to enable/disable the functions that is available in this app.

Using the settings option, You can Auto backup the Photos only in the local DCIM and Camera directories. You can also set the App to upload the photos only in Wi-Fi connection. Also, You can restrict the upload when your battery is low.

There is one nice feature called “Mass Upload” will upload the entire Photos and Videos to Your Google Drive account. Use this option to Auto backup your old photos and Videos.


CloudVault Photo Uploader is awesome Application to save your Photos and videos in the Google Drive automatically with free of cost. The app is very simple and does the job pretty much decently. It is must have application, if you use your phone to take pictures regularly. Try this app and post your feedback in the comments.

CloudVault Photo Uploader
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