Take Screenshots and Share Files From Mac Menu Bar With Thunder [Single Click]

Many Files sharing, and Screenshot taking apps are available for Mac Users. Most of the Apple mac users may have any one of those applications in their system. However, if you want the two applications as a single app, you don’t have many choice to get these two functionalities in one app.

Thunder” is a simple app that is freely available in the Mac App Store that allows you to take screenshots and also you can upload them to cloud, not only screenshots, you can upload any files to the cloud by simply Drag & Drop the file to Mac Menu Bar Thunder Icon.

Why it is Useful?

It is a smart app, that whenever you take screenshots, it will be automatically uploaded to the cloud and download link will be added to you clipboard. If you upload several files at once,  Thunder will create a zip file and upload them easily to online storage medium.

To access the Thunder service, you have to create free thunder account. Once you install this app, the lightning Icon will be added to your Mac menu bar. Click the Thunder Icon in the menu bar to get to take a screenshot. You can also take a screenshot quickly by pressing Cmd key and click Thunder Icon. Simple Drag and Drop any files to the Thunder Icon to upload the files to Online.

Thunder app integrated with the notification center, so whenever you upload are completed, you will be notified. In addition, the download link of the uploaded file will be automatically added to you clipboard. By using Thunder, you can upload the files to your Amazon S3 bucket.

The preferences for this app are very few, using that, you can turn off notification, Sign in to web account. Also, you can set the Amazon S3 Account.

Download Thunder Mac App

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