How To Hide / Show All Desktop Icons Easily with One Click

Wanna show or see your Awesome Desktop wallpaper always when you go to the desktop of your computer? But the whole Desktop is hidden under the shortcuts and icons? I’ve solution for you to reveal your stunning desktop and get rid of those cluttered desktop icons. Try AutoHideDesktopIcons! to hide the desktop icons.

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What is it and How it is useful?

AutoHideDesktopIcons is the simple tool that will hide your entire desktop icons and shows them when needed by you. It is portable application, you can use it from any portable drives from anywhere, since it doesn’t need installation. Download the zip file and launch the file directly from there. It has nice little user interface window with settings for you configure it.

At the first startup, it will automatically hides the desktop icons. In settings window, you can configure this app to function when and which button click should show the desktop icons. You can choose any buttons (Left, Middle, Right) from your mouse to show the desktop when click that button or you can choose all three buttons.

In addition, this application has timer settings which is used to hide desktop icons when timer expires. You can alter the timer secs from 3 sec to 100 sec to delay the hiding action.

You can also turn on the start with windows option to run this program every time you start windows. You can utilize other options like always start minimized, always be on top, or to hide the taskbar.


AutoHideDesktopIcons is the great program to hide your cluttered desktop icons all at once to show uncluttered desktop to everyone. Also, you can access all your favorite program icons with one click. It is pretty useful one to get the place in your software list.

Download AutoHideDesktopIcons | 21KB | Free


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